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Don't Forget What We're Trying to Do

    With Governors seizing power and minor politicians cowering in their basements, it is easy for us commoners to lose track of our best interests. That is precisely what this gang of communists, socialists, anarchists, and Democrats what us to do. Become disorganized and in effective.

    The heat will be on until November 3rd. After the November elections the heat will still be on. It will be applied by whoever wins the elections.

    We want the Republicans to win so we can keep what remains of our constitution and capitalist form of government. I say "what remains" because the entire nation has now shifted to the left. Republicans are in the same communist/socialist swimming pool with the Democrats. The democrats are in the deep end, over their head. The Republicans are in the shallow end, standing in waist deep water.

    If Republicans win the November elections they can still walk to edge and climb out of communism/socialism. Democrats, as the election day approaches, know they will drown if they do not win. Like all people who are drowning they will become more frantic and violent as the election approaches.

    Republicans need to remain calm and not be suckered into voting for" just any candidate" in order to have peace. There will be no peace if Democrats win. They will continue their march to communism/socialism with violent anarchy being their excuse to impose their will on all of us.

    Conservative Republicans are already aware there are many things in society that need correcting or fixing in order that we return to our fore fathers capitalist democracy. We, conservative Republicans, are trying to have a civil and bloodless revolution to make these changes.

    We need to reform immigration, clearly decide the legal fate of all illegals. Remove the profit motive from those who only want illegals here for cheap labor. Seal the borders.

    Our education system does not exist. We no longer teach reading writing and arithmetic. We brain wash students into socialism, teach perverted history, environmentalism and submission. We do not require graduates to know the Constitution of the Federal and State Governments, the Bill of Rights or be able to balance a check book. The system is more concerned with computers than text books.

    Both the Republican and Democrat Parties are in a socialistic race to see who can give away the most freebies in order to buy votes. The school system says it is their duty to feed children at least two "free" meals each day. There are many give away programs that encourage laziness and non performance. Earned income credit should be abolished.

    We accept the use of both legal and illegal drugs as being normal. We have passed laws that protect those who overdose. Our present day mental health system is driven by drug abuse.

    We have rendered the dollar of little value. The Federal reserve creates billions of dollars each day that have no intrinsic value. We need a dollar that is backed up by something real, otherwise there is no wealth.

    We have the best medical technology in the world. Prices are sky high because it is delivered by a corrupt system.

    I could go on and on. My point is we need to win this election so those of us who are conservative will be able to attack these problems and make changes. If Republicans win, I believe our core conservatives will be more aggressive in demanding change to this corrupt socialistic system. The majority of all Democrat and Republican politicians are corrupt and socialistic. Those of us that know right from wrong need to push back every way we can.

    Local races are just as important as state and federal races. Make no mistake, that School Board and that Board of County Commissioners are a very real part of the problem. There are three conservative Republicans on the November Beaufort County Commissioners ballot. They are: Randy Walker, Tandy Dunn and Hood Richardson. No other candidates deserve your vote.

    The outcome of this election will be determined by turnout. If conservatives get five people, friends, family members etc., to vote who otherwise would not have voted then the outcome will be good. If conservatives sit out the outcome with be horrible. The choice is ours to make on November 3.


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