Covid Joe, the Propagandist Media and the "Wrap-Up-Smear" | Beaufort County Now | Democratic Socialist Joe Biden, who has continually complained about America - in more conservative states - going back to work after the Covid close down, lambasted the president over a report based on propagandist's lies, then complained about the unemployment rate being sliced by a huge amount. | Wrap-Up-Smear, Joe Biden, Propagandist Media, Covid Joe, Democratic Socialist, The Atlantic, Covid pandemic

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Covid Joe, the Propagandist Media and the "Wrap-Up-Smear"

Do you believe that President Trump disrespects the military of which he commands? Well, do you also believe that the propagandists controlling the Democratic Socialist Media are honest, or that Joe Biden is in any way smart?

    Democratic Socialist Joe Biden, who has continually complained about America - in more conservative states - going back to work after the Covid close-down, lambasted the president over a report based on propagandist's lies, then complained about the unemployment rate being sliced by a huge amount. It was a silly and poorly read speech, with no questions answered to real journalists (there were none there - see the video of The Stupids posing as the "Free Press"), yet Covid Joe, still stuck in Wilmington, Delaware, needed the Democratic Socialist "Wrap-Up-Smear" to even take the stage. If not for all this exogenous help, Hid'n' Joe Biden, as a candidate, would have not been sustained for any time today on his extremely short campaign trail.

    Clueless Joe Biden, attempting to blame President Trump for this Covid-damaged-economy, fell flat on his fool's face to all with a full working brain, as he berated Mr. Trump - the "Xenophobe" - for not closing down the economy for far longer at the onset of the pandemic, which is a local issue anyway (after nearly 5 decades of "public service", clueless Joe should know that). Alternately, the unemployment rate is now headed in a far better direction, with indications that direction should continue; bad news for the candidate who would be president if not for ... well, you get it.

    The Democratic Socialist "Wrap-up-Smear" does not occur in a vacuum. It requires the willing participation of propagandists, which is all that exists at NBC, CNN, The Atlantic, etc (you name the many other non journalist outlets) to be successful.

Watch Speaker Stammer'n' Nancy Pelosi for an update on the Democratic Socialist political tool "Wrap-up-Smear": Below.

    Covid Joe has one issue: His rear view mirror approach to saving the Republic from Covid, which needs to be in hindsight since Ly'n' Joe Biden did say, 'Come-on-man, China is not the problem'; then, referred to Mr. Trump as a "Racist" and a "Xenophobe" for enacting travel restrictions with China, then, days later, the same travel restrictions with most of Europe, all in January 2020. Not only did every Democratic Socialist politician, with the Democratic Socialist Media's help, call out President Trump employing all the same words and phrases - yes, parroting fools all - for his overwhelming response to the Covid threat, they began to cogitate only weeks later that this could be their issue if it the virus grip America - "Blame it on Trump". However, with all things Democratic Socialist /Propagandist Media (which is all these pathetic politicians fools know), the truth is relative, while power is absolute.

    Months later, in hindsight, Mr. Trump is no longer the Covid Xenophobe, but now the president that is totally responsible for Covid, at least as far as the propagandists, and their associative politicians (ergo "The Covid Hoax"), are concerned. Are you tired yet of ignorant and corrupt people acting as politicians and propagandist having far too much say and control in the direction of this Republic (?) ... Then buckle up, it is going to get far more weird for the wary.

I close with this video from someone - like her or not - who actually knows stuff. If you are a committed Democratic Socialist, you might should not consume this bit of reality ... it may be best to just move along here to something a bit more "Fake": Below.


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