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Camille Saw a White Knight in a Bad Boy

    The sweetest, and possibly the most naïve girl in Kentucky is getting married. Her name is Camille, and we, the audience, are invited to the wedding, and possibly, to witness the rest of her life.

    Camille, played by Sienna Miller, wants the one, and only man, Silas, played by James Franco, she ever loved, and sadly, he’s just plain trouble. He’s lazy, he’s a petty thief, he has a number of rather inarticulate tattoos traversing his upper body, which he enjoys showing, and furthermore, he just doesn’t seem to have any redeeming virtues whatsoever.
    Camille's wedding, before the red wig, with her girlfriends, and Silas can't dance.

    Chances are, Silas would be still be in prison, if not for Camille’s doting uncle, Sherriff Foster, played by Scott Glenn, who helped him get out of prison, and back into some sort of a mainstream lifestyle, so that he would be worthy of his precious niece - Camille. On Camille’s big day, Silas made an ass of himself, and Sheriff Foster punched him hard in the stomach for his trouble.

    Such is the beginning of Camille’s dream wedding, and she is no poorer in spirit for the experience. In fact, Camille has enough spirit for any three young, kind women, that you might find anywhere. Camille knew that if she could just get Silas to Niagara Falls, he would change, they could grow closer together.
    Silas and Camille getting know one another all over again on their way to Niagara Falls.

    Silas knew that if he could just get to Niagara Falls, he could ditch Camille, jump parole and make his way across the border to Canada. But something happened along the way: They had an accident, and it did not go well. When Silas fanatically ran for help, he left the unintended bad impression that he was a crazed criminal. It wasn’t long before there proceeded an interstate manhunt, that kept Silas and a … devolving Camille on the run.

    It was a short, but demanding exodus to the great falls, but it was a lifetime for Camille and her bad boy husband, who began to soften, became more human. Along the way they meet a crusty old cowboy turned showman, Cowboy Bob, played by David Carradine, who enables them to find their way to some form of resolution, remarkable in every way.

    It took just 94 minutes of runtime to tell this fantastic tale of one the sweetest girls that just wanted some measure of happiness, with the only man she ever loved. It will be necessary for one to abandon their entire sense of disbelief to understand this fine little film, and regardless of its eccentric story it is worthy of your consideration, especially if you are a hopeless romantic.

    Rated PG13. Released on DVD September 15, 2009.

    This article provided courtesy of our sister site: Better Angels Now.

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