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The Silence Is Deafening. Politicians Should Vote According To How They Ran as Candidates

    Much has been written about turn coat s who run for office as conservative Republicans and then form alliances with Democrats on the Board of Beaufort County Commissioners to elect themselves chairman while tossing a crumb to the Democrats. That crumb is to allow a Democrat to be Vice Chairman. To make that work these disloyal Republicans vote for the Democrat to be Vice Chairman. This with a Board of County Commissioners that has five Republicans on it.

    The RINO's (Republican In Name Only) disloyalty comes into play when the RINO votes for a Democrat when there is a Republican running for the same seat. The Republican Plan of Organization rules implicitly define this as disloyalty.

    This paper has written numerous articles over the years complaining about this disloyal practice. We have named names and given numerous examples. Nothing has been done. This practice is very harmful to conservative Republicans as well as liberal Republicans. It is as if the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee endorses doing damage to conservative Republican. and sanctions stabbing them in the back.

    By extension, this practice has been applied by these RINO's to other important decisions made by the board that are rooted in policy. The most notable examples are the budget (both original and subsequent amendments during the fiscal year) and appointments to various committees and commissions. There has been a consistent pattern of 5-2 votes on such matters. The net result of this practices has been to allow the Democrats to control many of the most important decisions the Board makes. While the people have voted conservative, these RINO's have voted liberal.

    John Rebholz and Frankie Waters are master players at this. They voted to make Jerry Evans Chairman and Jerry Langley Vice Chairman, excluding Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage from the process. Republicans should be suspicious any time Democrats join forces with liberal Republicans to control the Board of County Commissioners. Other deals are cut among the two Democrats and the two disloyal Republicans. This is how taxes have been raised and a lot of bad decisions have been made during the past 6 years.

    As we approach the end of this campaign season, conservative Republicans should know that neither John Rebholz nor Frankie Waters has indicated that he will not do the same thing again. Voting for John Rebholz, in our opinion, guarantees the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners will continue to be controlled by the two Democrats, Jerry Langley and Ed Booth.

    Voting for the disloyal John Rebholz to be a commissioner is the same as voting for Jerry Langley and Ed Booth.

    We recommend voting for one of the three conservative candidates: Randy Walker, Tandy Dum or Hood Richardson.

    Then hold each elected official accountable to voting the way they claimed they would vote when they were asking for your vote.

    And the GOP Executive Committee should hold GOP candidates accountable to vote the way the party platform says they should vote. Anything else is fraudulent or dishonest at a minimum. If you run as a Republican you should vote as a Republican.


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