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Finding Another Way...12 Year Update

When I first found this article about this Craziness out in San Francisco I went to various sites to see if it was a spoof by some other spoofer other than me. I found out it was true. I am sad to report to you, my Dear Readers, that it is still true. 

I have actually done 2 updates over the years to this story about what the crazy people in San Francisco call the Suicide Deterrent Net System.

First, I will give you the original the Blog Posting and then I will play around with this some more...

Finding Another Way

If someone wants to commit suicide, they will find another way.

October 15, 2008 | 12:51 PM

On Saturday October 11, 2008 I read where the city of San Francisco is considering a stainless steel net under the Golden Gate Bridge to prevent people from committing suicide by jumping off the bridge.

This net will cost somewhere between $40 & $50 million. What do you want to bet it will end up being closer to that $50 million figure?

There is no law that requires a person who commits suicide to jump off of the Golden Gate Bridge. If someone wants to kill himself, there are a lot of other ways to get the job done. What is next for the suicide prevention minded city council of San Francisco? …

  • Nets under all tall buildings, trees and ladders?
  • Outlawing all tall buildings, trees and ladders?
  • Requiring all tall buildings, trees and ladders be short?

I may be one step ahead of the city council but I wonder if they have thought of the possibility that the suicide minded person might just scramble up the stainless steel net and continue their plunge? I know what they could do if the jumpers started crawling up the net, they could shoot them.

Would I kid u?


The project is actually under construction. The cost has rocketed past the $40 to $50 Million mentioned above to (I feel certain this latest number is an estimate which means it’s still going higher) $211 Million!


The good people at the Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District actually think that what they are doing is so important that the whole world wants to read about everything they do.

To help the whole world read about everything they do they have their web site set up so that everything they do it can be translated into 108 Different Languages.

Yes, the people who speak Siberian can read all about everything they do. Here is the first paragraph of what Siberians see while they are reading all about it...

Ажурирање пројекта за спречавање самоубистава на мосту Голден Гате

12. децембра 2019

Мост Голден Гате Бридге, Хигхваи анд Транспортатион Дистрицт је у процесу изградње система за спречавање самоубистава (СДНС) за одвраћање самоубистава на мосту постављањем физичке баријере између особе и воде испод. СДНС се састоји од морске мреже од нерђајућег челика причвршћене за носаче структурних челичних мрежа постављених 20 стопа испод тротоара и пружајући се 20 стопа изнад воде.


One last item that caught my eye is one of the 108 languages is Latin. I took 4 years of Latin in High School and I will now share all of what I know about Latin...

Latin Is a Dead Language

That means no one speaks Latin any longer and probably most of them are also dead. That being the case, the good people at the Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District could have simplified their web site and only offered 107 Language Options and no one would have been the wiser.

Would I kid u?




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