Senate Homeland Security Committee Addresses Real Election Fraud | Beaufort County Now | There is a Senate hearing on voting irregularities, occurring right now - morning of 121620, in this last farce of an election that appears to have produced our first Idiot President. | Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin, Senate Homeland Security Committee

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Senate Homeland Security Committee Addresses Real Election Fraud

Against the backdrop of the Hunter Biden investigation into so many improprieties and the Eric Swalwell fraternization with Chinese spies, Wisconsin Conservative Ron Johnson squeezed in a smart and bold Homeland Security Hearing on 2020 Election Fraud.

    There is an ongoing (at the time of this writing - morning of 121620) Senate Homeland Security hearing on voting irregularities, occurring right now - morning of 121620, in this last farce of an election that appears to have produced our first Idiot President.

    So far, testimony puts Mr. Trump in the winning column in Wisconsin.

    Also, rightly, and thankfully for his honesty, Committee Chairman Ron Johnson accused the Ranking member for lying about the "Hunter Biden investigation was built on Russian disinformation", was music to my honest ears.

    Of course, Senator Peters, Democratic Socialist from Michigan, just kept lying, which, in a complete reality, is his nature to do so.

    There is a solution to determine whether Imposter President Covid Joe won or lost: Hold a second election, which could be done before January 20th - under verified general statutes by all 50 states - or even after, should Joe Hiden take office with his Socialist Sidekick Kamala Hypocrite Harris.

    How could that be accomplished?

    Investigate the multitude of election irregularities, present to the People the real facts, while pounding the corrupt Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media into the dust (and this is where they should remain), and then present through congress, to the People, an Amendment to the Constitution that would allow second elections if widespread and coordinated cheating could be proved ... as in this last farce of an election is now being rightly proved.

    It would be a difficult hurdle, but the truth is a mighty weapon, and just like there are NO honorable journalists working within the corrupt Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, the truth can be rightly be determined by an honest People.

    We just need to become an honest People, and I will do my small and very best to be of a help here.

Should President Trump concede the 2020 Presidential Election to the Biden /Harris team before all the votes are counted, and states' elections certified?
  Yes, Trump will lose in the end anyway.
  No, the President should continue to uncover the truth of the most flawed election in modern American history.
  I don't vote, so I don't care.
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