Greg Murphy Votes Against Trump and Our Southern Heritage on Veto Override | Beaufort County Now | Congressman Greg Murphy thumbed his nose at President Trump and voted to override the president's veto of Pelosi"s defense appropriations bill.

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Greg Murphy Votes Against Trump and Our Southern Heritage on Veto Override

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    Congressman Greg Murphy thumbed his nose at President Trump and voted to override the president's veto of Pelosi"s defense appropriations bill. One result of this vote is that Fort Bragg will soon no longer be Fort Bragg. Pelosi's bill strips the names of Confederate generals from military bases. It's pandering to the Marxist BLM to attack southern heritage is only one of the reasons President Trump vetoed this Pelosi bill. Pelosi and her Democrat allies put lots of other bad things in the bill and failed to include items President Trump felt were critical.

    In North Carolina's delegation, conservative Congressmen Dan Bishop and Ted Budd stood with President Trump. Of the two Congressmen talking about running for the US Senate in 2022, George Holding sided with Nancy Pelosi over Trump, while Mark Walker took a walk and refued to even vote.

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( January 8th, 2021 @ 2:28 pm )
Murphy is one of those border line Republicans, like Chief Justice John Roberts. He will always disappoint you on important conservative issues. To show the snake he is, he voted to challenge the Trump electoral college votes in one state and not to challenge in another state. Like a true politician, he is now on both sides of the issue.
( December 30th, 2020 @ 7:37 am )
The rumor is that Murphy either wants to be Senator in 2022 or Governor in 2024. This guy has a massive ego and ambition. Maybe he sees Burr and Tillis voting to the left and thinks he should do the same.

The word was that Roy Cooper wanted to be Senator in 2022, but Mark Robinson winning the Lt. Governor's race may have put a stop to that. Cooper is another empty suit who we do not need.

My money for Senator in 2022 is on Lara Trump.
( December 29th, 2020 @ 5:13 pm )
You don't believe that Greg Murphy could ever be Senator of North Carolina ... do you? I mean ... we ain't Delaware here.
( December 29th, 2020 @ 9:33 am )
Walter Jones would have never voted this way. Greg Murphy is a disappointment. For the 2022 Senate race, this is one more reason to urge Lara Trump to get into the primary.

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