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Unifying - Maybe it’s me but…….

 By Bill Moore

As The Democrats take over both the Congress and the Presidency I keep wondering exactly what they mean by it is a time for all of us to unify. What exactly do they mean by unity?  The double standard they are employing does not demonstrate their desire to unify the nation.  Maybe it‘s me but how can we “unify” when.……..

  • They have turned Washington DC into an armed camp for the “VIRTUAL” Inauguration claiming Trump supporters are expected to cause trouble. As I remember when President Trump was sworn in there was coordinated violence in many cities caused by the Left. Pink Hat “Vagina Ladies”, ANTIFA and other groups burned and destroyed property. Trump has had over 40 rallies without issues. In the last one in DC on January 6th as report filtered out it becomes more likely it was not Trump supporters that caused the issues at the Capital. ANTIFA and Black Lives Matters members were there dressed as Trump supporters and caused most of the damage. Yet the Left still blames it all on Trump.
  • Democrats and the Left have become so paranoid they ae now having the FBI vet the National Guard Troops that were brought in to “Keep the Peace “in Washington DC. They are now worried the soldiers will cause a coup in favor of Trump. Unifying????
  • In addition the Democrats who are claiming to want to unify the Nation have again Impeached Trump. They intend to have the Senate hearing after Trump leaves office though that is obviously unconstitutional. There obvious reason they want to prevent Trump from ever running from office again. The time line clearly demonstrates Trump was still speaking when they started the assault on the Capital, a full 45 minute walk from the rally. In Short he could not have incited them to riot. Yet they pass an impeachment article claiming he incited the disturbance. Unifying????
  • AOC is introducing a bill to provide training to reprogram ‘”Conservatives”. Add to that the NPR director, also a Leftie, who suggested that Republican Children be sent to Retraining camps. Unifying?
  • The Democrats are silent over the muzzling of Conservatives by the forced shutdown of Parler where the Amazon, Google and Apple have both banned the site or dropped the ability of people to get the app. Meanwhile Leftists allow comments that include Hang Pence, and other threats to Trump and other conservatives on Twitter and Facebook etc. Unifying?
  • The Media that was obviously in support of the Biden election are now demanding Cable companies drop OAN and Newsmax form their bundles. These sites are conservative in nature and yet the Democrats say nothing in the support of Free Speech Unifying??
  • Pelosi and Friends have introduced HR1 for passage. In an age where most Conservatives believe there were enough voting irregularities to question the validity of the election. In that environment The Democrats are proposing changes in election laws that are both a power grab and will further inflame Conservative/ Republicans. These include forcing states to get preapproval to change any election procedures. In addition it forces all states to allow all convicted felons to vote. It requires all states to allow same-day voter registration. It limits the States’ ability to discover if a voter is also voting in another state. It also prevents States from limiting early voting and voting by mail. It also requires all States to provide free mail-in absentee ballots. This bill also removes redistricting decisions from State Legislators and puts them in the hands of commissions that historically lean Left. Finally this bill criminalizes political speech that the government deems “discouraging” to voters.  Unifying???

If this is the steps the Democrats are planning to take to unify the country I fear we will be further split and the gulf may already be too wide to ever mend. Please remember our “unifying friends” are famous for sleight of hand. Focus our attention on one thing while they do another. While we are all focused on the immigration proposed changes they will try to sneak in the HR1 bill. What can we do? Contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators and tell them to work to oppose HR1as they try to pass it in the House and send it to the Senate.  



( January 19th, 2021 @ 7:47 pm )
It's not you, Bill. These people are crazy. Crazy with power. HR1 is an abomination. It can't be constitutional. I guess Pelosi has the votes in the House. The new Senate is probably trouble too. Also, this is no time for horrible GOP leadership, but that is what we have.

I think you're exactly right Steve. Like when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for liberating the southern states while meaning to conquer the southern states, when the Totalitarian Socialist Democrats say unify, they really mean submit.

A fitting response to all this Leftist nonsense is the same one given by Gen. Anthony McAuliffe to the Nazi Germans in 1945: "Nuts!"

Too bad the GOP Senate and House leadership refuse to respond in an appropriate manner to the alarming totalitarian behavior of the Democrats. Chinese profiteer Mitch McConnell should be taken out of his position as Senate Republican leader. In my opinion, failing to do that will be a fatal mistake for the GOP.
( January 19th, 2021 @ 8:51 am )
Witch hunts against the other party's leaders and pushing radical policy like amnesty for illegal aliens and eco-fascism like the Paris climate deal is NOT the way to "unify" The way one unifies is trying to come together in the middle not move to radical extremist policies. The word the Democrats should use is "submit" and the GOP, if it had any backbone would say "hell, NO!" Of course, expecting weak sisters like McConnell and McCarthy to have any backbone is probably wishful thinking.

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