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Sheriff Coleman, Another Big Spender

By:  Hood Richardson

Sheriff Ernie Coleman likes to brag about how much money he is saving Beaufort County.  Like a lot of hot shot politicians, the truth is, he is spending a lot of money and not managing what he has very well.  His buddy commissioners have covered up a lot of wasteful spending by enacting "project ordinances."  (AKA off budget).  That means the spending is not included in his fat budget.  Two examples:  The communications system, from one tower to eight, at a cost of over two million dollars.  The consultant the county hired got the contract and has hired two of Coleman’s employees.  No worries, Coleman did not cry when they left.  The other project is the 2.5 million wasted on the re-doing of the jail doors.  A true exercise in cover up and mismanagement.

Coleman’s claims that the commissioners were defunding him are false.  Truth is, Coleman defunded himself.  He, without a vote of the commissioners, gave about 200 thousand dollars in raises last year and forgot he would have to pay the same amount this year, and in every subsequent year. Coleman promised to hold his budget steady two years ago.  What a slip Ernie, now you know about recurring expenses.

A lot people want to know who Coleman’s favorite people are.  That is, who got the raises.  This is public information.  You have the right to know. The following is a list of about half of Coleman’s favorite people.  The list with the other half will be printed next week. Pennies rounded to the nearest dollar.  There are about 40 favorites out of the approved jobs.

Name                                                              Increase                                   To

William Caputo                                              $4,820                                       $65,000

Jordan Gold                                                    14,812                                        55,000

Linwood Mclawhorn                                        5,465                                         45.000

Crystal Paul-Stox                                             3,997                                         50,000

Kelsey Smith                                                    7,774                                         45,000

Victoria Van Nortwick                                     3,533                                         55,000

Erin Woolard                                                  11,300                                         45,000

Michael Chandler                                             5,675                                         45,450

Victoria Hardison                                              4,945                                         45,000

Cailey Hardison                                                8,638                                         45,000

Laqyusga Latham                                             8,777                                         65,000

Gertrude McCray                                              5,567                                         45,450

Jason Cleary                                                      6,711                                         51,005

Benjamin Correa                                               6,891                                         57,733

Kelly Cox                                                          2,804                                         65,750

Russell Davenport                                             4,515                                         68,316

Kathryn Dickinson                                            4,000                                         55,000

Nathanial Drake                                                2,015                                         45,450

Jonathan Fowler                                               6,196                                          50,500

Treasure Garcia                                                2,116                                          50,500


The remainder of the list will be published next week.


( January 28th, 2021 @ 7:11 am )
To Diane Williams: it is obvious you never studied critical thinking. Consider substance versus liberal thinking.
( January 27th, 2021 @ 5:14 pm )
Before you start pointing fingers, you should probably proofread your articles. I found a lot of grammar and spelling errors.
( January 27th, 2021 @ 11:05 am )
Big Spender Coleman...Benjamin Correa the baliff makes $57.733 a year to emotionally bully inmates and stand around and blab outside of chambers...all that money for jail doors and they can't manage the detention center properly.

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