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By Bill Moore

President Biden has made a number of moves that appear to be in support of his Green Energy base. These people want to eliminate Fracking and other fossil fuels to cut down on pollution and move to alternative energy sources.  Let me start by saying that no conservative supports pollution and would support alternative fuels that work.

However the steps Biden has taken will have both little effect on world pollution and a negative effect on America.  His not allowing fracking on public lands will not lower pollution, it will in fact add to it. The oil and natural gas we are harvesting in Country will now have to be replaced by purchasing oil and natural gas from overseas. These fossil fuels are often not as clean as our fuels produced here.  In addition to that they have to be transported in tankers and taken to the United States from all over the world. This adds to the world’s carbon footprint and increases the chances of a major oil spill in transporting. 

Add to that the cost of oil will increase at the pump because of this. There will be major increases in the costs of using your car and heating your home.  Consider the number of jobs that will be lost in the U.S. between Louisiana, New Mexico and several other fracking states the job loss is projected to exceed 100,000. This loss of jobs and severe rise in the cost of energy will hurt the average American’s pocketbook causing them to cut back on buying other products.  This will affect other jobs as manufacturers cut back when inventory grows due to a lack of sales.

Consider the canceling of the Keystone pipeline.  Instead of sending oil through the pipeline we will now be forced to continue and expand transporting that fuel via rail at a higher cost. Again this will add to the cost of oil and natural gas.  The Congressional Research Service estimates that the cost of transporting crude oil through a pipeline is approximately $5.00 per barrel. Compare that to rail transportation costs between $10 to $15/ barrel.

It is estimated that the stopping of the pipeline project will cost approximately 11,000 jobs.  Again this will have a negative effect on the economy as this will domino throughout the economy.   It is interesting that Warren Buffet, a major contributor to the Biden campaign, is also a major owner of the railway that will continue to be transporting the oil now that the pipeline is dead.

As part of Biden’s plan he is rejoining the Paris Accords on Climate.  All this will do is adding additional costs to the US Economy as we will pay carbon taxes.  It is interesting in these accords that nations like China and India, major polluters of the atmosphere, are treated as developing nations and not subject to the restrictions for decades.

The Biden Administration is also considering raising gasoline taxes. In addition there is talk of a vehicle usage tax.  This tax would add additional costs to your driving based on the actual mileage you drive annually.  Not a big deal if you live in a city with public transportation but devastating to rural communities.  Rural communities are not generally the highest economic areas and couple that with having to drive long distances to go to stores etc., this will again have a negative effect on the people involved.    

As fuel costs rise so does transportation costs for goods and foods. Add to that the increased cost of fuel to farmers and you have an even greater strain on the average American’s budget.

One other thought:  maybe the Administration and their Leftist Democratic supporters are intentionally making these moves for two reasons.  By forcing the rise in fossil fuel prices they are hoping to make the costs of alternative energy sources competitive.  No matter who gets hurt the Left wants to continue its march to Globalism and in order to do so, the United States must lose it label as “exceptional” and become just one of many nations. The Administration’s Green Energy Plan, if fully implemented, will do just that.

The Administration’s plan will not do its stated intentions.  It will not stem the rise of the oceans but will in fact cause the flooding of family budgets with additional costs that will hurt every American and the American Economy.   

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( February 1st, 2021 @ 3:34 pm )
Who gains from Biden's far left "green energy" boondoggle? Simple, the Red Chinese. "Beijing Joe" Biden is helping his son Hunter's business associates. How much will Hunter Biden gain from this? I am sure it will all be covered up like the rest of the rampant BIden corruption.

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