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Some Republicans Need To Get a Grip

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette. The author of this post is David Kamioner.

    The vast majority of Republicans are normal rational people. Yes, many believe that an election was stolen from them and they are still mightily upset by it. But, they deal in reality and are working hard to thwart the plans of the Biden administration.

    Yet, there are other conservatives and Republicans. They are to be seen on social media and even in high party councils. Recent examples of their wisdom are social media posts predicting a National Guard occupation of Manhattan this weekend. Let's see if that happens. Others have recently posited that the pope and many of his advisors have been recently secretly arrested, it doesn't specify by whom, and now languish in secret prisons. Still others believe that Joe Biden and his administration were also secretly arrested just before the inauguration, hence the presence of many troops in DC for the event, and that the immediately former president still rules the executive branch while Biden governs under threat of death. Well then, if so, those executive actions as of late of the Biden administration are a very clever ploy. So clever, they actually benefit the supposed puppet regime.

    But this is not their only wise counsel. Remember the Republican House landslide of 2018? The Red Tsunami types predicted that one and we see how it came to pass. Trust in the plan? If the plan was to deliver the United States government into the hands of the neoliberal pseudo-elite, well, it's working very well.

    You would think the loss of the White House, the Senate, and the House would shake these individuals into reality. But no, the Republican rumor machine grinds on. In certain circles, a failure to buy into the fantasies marks one as a RINO, a sellout, or a card carrying member of the satanic cannibal pedophile set. Yes, such notions exist. It's as if the Daughters of the Confederacy blamed the Civil War loss on the evil machinations of Odin and the Illuminati.

    If the party is to fully recover its senses, these individuals need to be ostracized. But more than that, normal sensible Republicans and conservatives, when seeing such prognostications of drama and doom need to ask themselves a simple question: Really?

    Now, it's true that most spreading these rumors are doing so to proclaim to the world, "Look at me! I have inside information. I thus am in the know and you're not!"

    But the tenor and lack of credibility, not to mention the real outcomes, of their messages are testaments to the opposite. Their mystical pronouncements say they long for regard, haven't earned it, and so inflate their status to convince others of their access to information and exalted position. Reality proclaims otherwise. The sooner Republicans and conservatives realize this and shun their wild posturings, the better for the party and the nation.


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