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Biden's energy policy helps China but hurts America

Biden energy policies help China, hurt US
The Biden regime's energy policies are helping the Red Chinese while hurting American workers and companies.  Many of them have been rammed through with executive orders of questionable legality.  Stopping the Keystone Pipeline has gotten the most attention, with its destruction of thousands of good paying American jobs and its damage to our energy independence, but it is hardly the only Biden action.
Biden has ratified an international treaty, the Paris Climate Accord, by executive fiat, without the Constitutionally required Senate approval.  This treaty not only calls for the US to pay out billions of dollars to other countries, but it sets up environmental rules that give Chinese industry a huge advantage over American industry by giving them lots of breaks intended for developing nations.
Biden's "green energy" plans will send lots of business to China, which makes most of the wind turbines and solar panels, as well as producing the rare earth mineerals necessary to make them work, but at the same time raise electric rates for American consumers and business.  China, itself, is building lots of cheap and dependable coal fired electric capacity while Biden is pushing the expensive and unreliable wind and solar on the US.
Biden is cutting oil and gas leases on federal lands, again working to destroy America's energy independence that was gained under President Trump.  This is one of the reasons for the 12% gas price hike that happened after Biden's order.
Biden has also reversed a Trump executive order and has allowed the Chinese to again be involved in America's electric infrastructure, a huge threat to our national security..
Hunter Biden had major deals with key players in the Chinese energy industry, many with ties to the ChiCom government, and still owns stock in those companies.  Is the Hunter connection the reason that Biden is being so generous with America's biggest adversary, the Communist Chinese when it comes to energy policy?


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