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In service to progressive values, US military has become detached from reality


This Headline in the latest issue of The Epoch Times obviously caught my eye immediately so I dove into the article and sure enough the writer Barbara Kay clearly shows how left today's military has gone and wishes to go farther.

She begins by bringing up the military's enhanced efforts to promote females in the military. Such things as maternity flight suits, relaxed hair regulations, body armor that fits the female figure and tailored combat uniforms.

She quotes the Sgt. of the Army, Michael Grinston as saying that “women will dominate ANY battlefield we're called to fight on.”

In general women are just not that into combat and for good reasons related to the survival of the species.

She also quotes a decorated Afghanistan veteran, James Hassons' book “:Stand Down,” How Social Justice Warriors are Sabotaging America's Military.” He is scathing on the Obama administration, “packed with far-left ideologues who neither understood or cared to understand the military. Hasson supports his charge with wince inducing examples such as an Army “gender integration study” urging an end to “hyper masculinity” in combat arms units and Power Point presentations instructing commanders about “male pregnancy.

In a Newsweek article, Aaron Reitz, a Major in the Marine Corps Reserve and the Texas deputy attorney general for legal strategy, takes the same stance. Diversity recruitment intensified under the Obama in 2009. Reitz says when his captain “told us we had to sign up a certain number of college enrolled racial minorities and females. “No need to be too strict on physical fitness or academics he said, just bring them in.”

 Commentary; With the Chinese military looking again at Taiwan and Russia playing tag with our Air Force  on both coasts it doesn't look good for the good ole USA. With all the emphasis on “equality” and very little on combat needs I am in great fear for our country. We certainly don't have a President that has the cahones to stand up to any of our adversaries. If any of them say boo, it will probably only wake him up.

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( April 10th, 2021 @ 8:10 am )
The left wing political lectures that our military are being given under Beijing Biden smack of what the political officers used to do in the Soviet Union's Red Army. This is un-American and disgusting.

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