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Is this Tehran?



It looks like it, doesn’t it? But as Logan Ratick of Newsmax reveals, no, it’s not, it’s at a ‘protest’ in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.


The media would like to present these folks as some kind of civil rights workers, concerned about fascism and about black lives.

But that’s not what these Antifa folks are about; they’re about that sign.

They’re about this chant, “No prisons, no walls, no USA at all” that they chanted over the weekend in Denver. That’s not an aberration, that’s a popular refrain at such marches across the country.


The point is to do away with America as we understand it, hence the attacks on history and statues, the burning of the American flag that we constantly see. They chant what they mean, using police shooting deaths as an avenue to get to that end.

Here’s Raleigh, North Carolina over the weekend.


Notice the hammer and sickle. That’s not accidental, many of these folks are anarcho-Communists.

We’ve heard people talk about “insurrection” a lot of late. But what is an insurrection if not this very thing, with the constant attacks on the government as well as the underpinnings of society? Even the part of society that protects us, such as the police? They want to do away with such things so they are the authority.

It’s reminiscent of the Brownshirts or the Red Guard.

They surrounded a car with a mother and son in Denver, frightening the child.


They tagged homes and scared people for the crime of buying a house. The people who owned that home committed a thought crime and must be chastised.

New York City, “Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground” with the “Death to America” banner:

This is “mostly peaceful?” This is “just an idea” in the words of Joe Biden? It’s a very dangerous idea, with a lot of those “nodes” across the country that the FBI had better be taking seriously. But we haven’t seen any kind of concerted effort to deal with the threat, they don’t even really seem to grasp the full concept of what’s going on.

Source:  'Death to Amerika': Is This Tehran or Is This Antifa? – RedState

Hat tip to Carole Gunn for sending us this link


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