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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
John Woodard
    The Pandemic taught us 2 things of significance to our Country's future. The first was that they could release a virus and impair our country without firing a shot, and second, the American public found that their medicines are made in China. Foolish us, who thought that American Pharmaceuticals were made in the United States. So why is nothing being done to correct this problem of health and wellness?

    Trump caused trouble for the Chinese Communists and was in a position to take some corrective measures. But whether you believe the election was stolen or not, it is clear that when Trump lost, the Chinese breathed a sigh of relief. In the words of a crude speaking old friend, China has us by the short hairs and there is nothing we can or will do about it.

    So, what was done to create this condition and who is responsible for it?

    Over the years, numerous manufacturing companies have moved their facilities from the United States to China, costing American's thousands and thousands of jobs. Companies such as Bali Bra left the US towns which looked like ghost towns when they were gone. The counties lost an enormous tax base which caused many people to flee and start over elsewhere. States like Pennsylvania were particularly hard hit. Not because of one industry but several all of whom pulled up stakes for the same reason. And why you ask, because of the lure of cheap non-union labor. I don't care how many bras women buy, the fact is the Union wages and work rules gave companies the justification to leave. Another reason was the actions of a New York Global Business Consulting firm known as McKinsey and Co. They spent the time and money to develop their relationships in China and then when a Company wanted to leave the United States, who did they call? McKinsey.

    Now, practically everything that is sold in our stores is made in China, from upper end clothing from companies such as Paul Frederik, to coffee makers and everything in between.

    So, what are we going to do about it? We are going to have to elect someone like Donald Trump and give him a Congress that he can work with. Anything less and China will continue to produce everything we purchase while we continue to Underwrite our own Trade Deficit through ever higher taxes.

    Isn't it funny that there is so much consternation among segments of our society about the role of slavery during the founding of our country? Yet China uses slave labor to produce the products that we buy at Walmart, Target and other big box stores and we say nothing about that!

    The bottom line of this article is that we need to elect a leader that will put American Citizens ahead of others. And we need to begin the return of our manufacturing plants. Pres Trump had begun to do just that but he was fought all the way. I understand that Trump had some mannerisms that turned some people off. But in considering the difference between Biden and Trump, I would take Trump any day.

    I hope that those who read this article will remember it when they go to the polls and elect a new House and Senate in 2022 and elect a new president in 2024. The future of Civilization in America may be on the ballot.

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