Please Vote in Favor of H.B. 254 ("Constitutional Carry") | Beaufort County Now | Here is a copy of the email I sent to ALL NC House reps.

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Press Release:

    Dear House Representative of the great state of North Carolina,

    With the recent passage of permitless "Constitutional carry" of firearms in Texas, there are now an incredible 21 states in which constitutional carry is the law. Yet Republicans, who claim to be in favor of gun rights, and who have now controlled the NC General Assembly since 2011, have consistently refused to pass this effective and overwhelmingly popular gun rights legislation. But Rep. Larry Pittman is trying to overcome that dilemma by aggressively offering a discharge petition for House Bill 254 ("Constitutional Amendment/ Concealed Carry").

    Republicans claim that they support gun rights and often times, citizens and voters take them at their word and take their eyes off how they act and vote in the NCGA. They have "talked the talk" but now it's time for them, and for Democrats as well (we all love our citizens and we love our state, and it CANNOT be a partisan issue) to "walk the walk."

    I strongly encourage you to sign Rep. Pittman's discharge petition and demonstrate that the North Carolina legislators take our constitutional (state and federal) right to keep and bear arms seriously. The "Land of the Free" is a meaningless expression if we aren't truly allowed to exercise our freedoms.

    Please join with the other 21 states and let's add North Carolina to their fine example.

    And please be the voice that North Carolina and its free citizens need you to be.

    Most Sincerely,

    Diane Rufino
    Greenville, NC
    (252) 916-9605
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