Non-Vaxxers Being Threatened and Intimidated | Beaufort County Now | For quite some time there have been fears that the lack of a vaccine would force certain social changes where non-vaxxers would be prohibited from entering various establishments

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
John Woodard
    For quite some time there have been fears that the lack of a vaccine would force certain social changes where non-vaxxers would be prohibited from entering various establishments such as grocery stores and Universities, among others. It now appears that those fears are coming true and that university students particularly are at risk of losing their future careers because they will not submit to the demand that they allow themselves to be vaccinated, whatever the reason.

    A large number of students in this country are coming to the reality that getting a college education now requires them to receive a vaccination which up until now is still experimental, per the FDA. In some cases these students are well into their degree programs with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and learning that they cannot finish their degrees without the vaccine. In some cases, classes can be taken online but those requiring lab work or hands-on training probably won't be able to graduate without taking the required injection.

    For some people in their later years of life, long-term risk of an experimental vaccine may be more acceptable. But for those people that are quite young and have another 60 to 70 years of life ahead, the considerations are substantially different.

    We have previously written, on numerous occasions, citing Dr. Peter McCullough and his views about the vaccine as well as the Covid-19 virus. Dr. McCullough is a cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist on the medical staff at Baylor University in Texas. He has personally been extremely busy recently treating young people with vaccine -related injuries, most of them permanent injuries involving cases in which the protein spike has collected in the heart, the blood vessels, the brain, the ovaries and other organs.

    Myocarditis, is a condition involving inflammation of the heart. He says that these young people need heart-failure medication and 3 to 6 months of no physical activity. Of greatest concern is the possibility that as many as 20 million college students, having been given the vaccination, and then significant numbers of students who develop Myocarditis which is going to screw up their college or high school education in the coming years. McCullough is quoted as saying that it is really extraordinary that he has been on national TV multiple times stating that no one under 30 are to consider this vaccine for any circumstances and that Myocarditis is one of the reasons.

    In addition to Myocarditis, Dr. McCullough is seeing cases of Bell's Palsy, partial paralysis or blindness and ringing in the ears. Many of these conditions are not becoming evident until 6 to 8 months after patients receive the injections.

    In some cases, colleges are offering religious exemptions but these are very difficult to obtain. Some university administrators are so intransigent that these exemptions are simply not attainable.

    Of concern to some students is that they are required to wear masks until they provide proof of vaccination. These religious implications also involve the use of aborted fetal though lines in the testing phase which some students find objectionable on religious grounds.

    Cases that involve religious implications have been argued by team of lawyers who work for Liberty Counsel. In the meantime, casualties continue to mount as a growing number of vaccinated people are dying as a result of the injection. According to Dr. McCullough, anyone considering these vaccines ought to be asking serious questions. Further, the CDC should come clean and describe what's going on. No one understands why the CDC is being silent on this issue while people are dying in numbers that have been reported as high as 50,000 people with the expectation that the final number will be much greater than that.

    The evidence that the entire program of vaccinating everyone in the country has been overblown for reasons of political convenience. We have reported on several occasions that the Chairman of the World Economic Forum has been advocating for the proposition that the virus could be the trigger mechanism that is needed to transform the United States economy from capitalism into socialism. This factor along with the vacillating position of Dr. Fauci certainly supports the thinking of some people that the vaccine is to experimental. As we have stated before, when the facts come out, we have no doubt that Dr. Fauci will be charged with murder and we might add that Sen. Rand Paul has already suggested that the Justice Department should indict him for lying to Congress. If and when this occurs, Fauci might turn state's evidence to save himself and expose the others in the United States and in China. One can only hope that eventually these facts will come out and the conspirators of this case will be brought to justice, and/or become defendants in the largest wrongful death lawsuit in American history.

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( July 28th, 2021 @ 8:33 am )
Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be coerced to take it, to be protected from a disease so deadly you have to be tested to even know you have it and is 99.9999% curable for most people.

For this we are expected to surrender all our freedoms? Why the censorship? Our "leaders" don't want herd immunity, they want herd mentality.

It seems like I've heard this ancient totalitarian tale before. Time after time in history and so many examples in the Old Testament. It's no wonder our government schools are "teaching" doctored history these days.

Disturbing things are happening in America. Take a look at the protests and crackdowns in places like France, the UK, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, Finland, Slovakia, and Greece. This is no game.
( July 26th, 2021 @ 12:10 am )
Some people will never fully understand the gravity of this situation, but those that can need to.
Our government and corporations are physically experimenting on the populace - soon to be children as well. Schools are pushing psychological experimentation and Marxist brainwashing on children, some are going to great lengths to hide that fact.
Our rights, what are truly left, are eroded daily. In truth, they are simply lies written on old paper at this point... Something many need to stop pointing to.
"News" has been bluntly honest about the fact that Marxist ideological training (CRT and the like) have been part of legal school for decades... the judges that rule on the cases regarding our "rights" and grievances.
Jann said America is dying.
America is, at best, Weekend at Bernie's at this point.
Experimentation on the populace, and I must stress including young children in the near future, is a worst case scenario in any rational person's play book of "bad things that my government may do to me and my family". And here we are.
Jann said:
( July 23rd, 2021 @ 3:05 pm )
It's just crazy that hydroquinone and ivermectin are basically illegal now, even though they clearly work. Yet the vaccines are being pushed like crazy. This is so wrong!!!
If people can not see our freedom is being taken away before our very eyes i don't know what will. America is dying!!!

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