Jordan Hall's sermon on transgenderism and transhumanism | Beaufort County Now | Jordan Hall, the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana, preaches a blistering, barn burning yet biblically faithful sermon on transgenderism and transhumanism. It grabs you from the get-go and doesn’t let up. Give it a listen!

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Yesterday (7-25-21) Pastor Jordan Hall, of Fellowship Baptist Church in Sydney Montana delivered the following sermon.  We believe it should be shared with our readers.

We at the Beaufort Observer believe that a person's sexual orientation is a private matter between them, their loved ones and their God.  It is none of our business, nor the business of government.

However, when those who hold these views attempt to influence public policy and young people, or indeed anyone else who does not solicit that influence, it becomes another matter.  We strongly oppose the homosexual community's to attempt to indoctrinate students in public schools.

The problem, in part, is that many people do not understand what this movement means.  This sermon will inform those, and for that reason we commend it to you to watch/listen to and share with your contacts.


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