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"Justice agencies started calling offenders “clients” or “returning citizens” or “justice-involved persons.” There probably isn’t a parole and probation agency in the country that doesn’t use one or all of these terms. If you search any or all the descriptors mentioned, you will see that agencies from the US Department of Justice to correctional systems to many others embraced the new terminology.

The thought was that the terms “offenders” or “criminals” were simply too harsh and unforgiving and contributed to massive recidivism and reentry into the justice system.

It just wasn’t a change in terminology. Because of use of force issues, all cops were endlessly attacked; they were told to cease proactivity although proactive policing was one of the few modalities that had a research base as to reducing crime, Proactive Policing.

Prisons and the overall use of incarceration were criticized. Keeping people before trial was fundamentally unjust. The justice system was described as racist.

Change had to come.

The Problem-Violent Crime Started To Increase

The problem was that violent crime started to rise in 2015 as reported by the Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey via the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Remember, we previously had twenty-year plus reductions.

We have a 28 percent increase in all violent crime (including simple assaults) per the National Crime Survey (2015-2018) with increases in serious violence, and the presumption that this applies to 2019 (no change in violent crime in 2019 when including simple assaults per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Crime Rates.

Violent Crime Continues To Increase

Beyond the 28 percent increase in all violent crime per the National Crime Victimization Survey, we have a tripling of violent crime per Gallup, endless media reports of vastly increasing urban violence in 2020-2021 after the COVID lockdowns and riots, a rise in homicides and aggravated assaults in 2019 and 2020 per the Major Cities Chiefs Association, a considerable and recent rise in homicides, aggravated assaults and robberies after the lockdowns by the University of Missouri, and considerable increases in homicides and violence by COVID and Crime.

Per FBI preliminary statistics for all of 2020, there was a 25 percent increase in homicides, overall violent crime increased by 3.3 percent, and aggravated assaults increased by 10.5 percent, Violent Crime Increases in 2020."

Full article from Law Enforcement Today, can be found here 

And some people still wonder why guns sales continue to increase.  

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