UK gov't research: people may have to eat bugs instead of meat to save planet | Beaufort County Now | climate change nannystaters say "Let them eat crickets and mealworms"

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A research agency run by the British government has announced that to reach "net zero carbon emissions" by 2030, the British people will have to change their diet and replace beef and other meats with protein from bugs, primarily crickets, locusts, and mealworms. British farmers, on the other hand, say this is utter nonsense.  The earlier push by the climate alarmists to shift to lab grown "frankenstein" meat was bad enough, but eating bugs is even more repulsive to ordinary people.

The London Sun newspaper called the proposal "barmy".

One wonders how long it will be until the nutjobs running our government decide we should be eating bugs instead of meat.

The UK has seen its government go off the deep end on climate alarmism since Prime Minister Boris Johnson's then mistress Carrie Symmonds, a globalist and climate alarmist activist nicknamed "Princess Nut-Nut" won a power struggle with Johnson's longtime chief advisor Domminic Cummings.  Cummings has been ousted and Johnson recently married his mistress. It has gotten so bad that Johnson's public relations director on climate issues, a friend of Symmonds, recently told British media that voters should support the radical Green Party, and she has still kept her job.

Climate alarmists have issued a string of dire predictions of what would happen if their vision was not adopted and put into practice, but the dozens of those dire warnings that have already passed the time that the predicted disasters were supposed to have happened have not come true.  Not a one of them, and not even close.  So why does anyone in their right mind still give any credence to this huge doomsday cult of climate alarmism?  They are Chicken Little on steroids.

Saner voice call them out for what they are.  The immediate past president of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus, for example calls them "a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today."

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