Biden nominates police-bashing, pro-criminal DA as a federal prosecutor | Beaufort County Now | Biden continues to turn on police

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"President Joe Biden wants to make the Soros-funded District Attorney for the region responsible a U.S. attorney. On Wednesday, July 28th, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) stated that he would try to stop Suffolk District Attorney Rachel Rollins from being confirmed as U.S. attorney for Massachusetts.

Cotton is the first lawmaker to publicly oppose her nomination. He has been an outspoken critic of Democrats on crime and has linked Rollins, a “criminal justice reformer,” to policies that he said have contributed to a jump in violent crime nationwide.

In a written statement, Cotton said:

“Democrats have defunded police departments, stopped prosecutions for numerous crimes, ended cash bail, and demanded early release even for violent criminals. These actions resulted in a historic increase in murders and contributed to the crime wave. Rachel Rollins won’t stand up for the victims of these crimes and I will seek to stop her nomination.”

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