Has the Great Reset Begun? Consider This | Beaufort County Now | Most people who believe that the Great Reset is real, have been looking for signs that it has begun and how to prepare themselves without doing so prematurely. So how do the recent developments in Afghanistan fit into this equation?

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    Most people who believe that the Great Reset is real, have been looking for signs that it has begun and how to prepare themselves without doing so prematurely. So how do the recent developments in Afghanistan fit into this equation?

    In order to discuss this issue in an objective manner, we should consider the fact that the Democrats should know, at least, that they are subject to losing either the House or the Senate or both in 2022. History has shown this to be true over the years, that the party who has the presidency generally tends to lose at least the House in a midterm election. But this is certainly no normal midterm election and provides the prospect that the American electorate is going to rebel against the radical agenda that the Democrats have been following since the Biden election. Not only is the House in jeopardy for the Democrats, it is entirely possible that the Senate will flip as well with the real prospect that the presidential election in 2024 will also change hands.

    So, you have to look at what is happening today through the window of these facts and realize that the Democrats have a narrowing opportunity to make the fundamental transformation of the United States a reality before 2022. Therefore, it certainly seems plausible that the actions taken so far are with that potential reality in mind.

    You may remember that shortly after the Biden election, he was speaking to the media and he took a few questions, one of which was about the 2024 election to which he responded that the Republican Party might not exist by the time of the next presidential election. Everybody thought that that was a flippant answer and that this could not possibly be true. But if you believe as I do that the issues on the southern border, the fiasco in Afghanistan, the wild spending, the high inflation, and other events, it is easy to connect the dots that leads to the conclusion that these events are not separate but are connected by a common goal to fundamentally transform the economy of this country and do it before the midterm elections.

    In this context, if you consider the fiasco in Afghanistan, this might reveal itself to have been a calculated plan to undermine the credibility of the US military in the eyes of the world community. Commentators are already speaking about this very impact and the prospect that our military is no longer feared by its opponents and that it is not trusted by our allies. So, does this mean that Israel might be attacked? I certainly hope not, but you have to consider the real possibility that this will be the crowning achievement of the enemies of the United States who have been waiting for the opportunity to destroy the country of Israel.

    We are seeing calls from people within the United States, from both parties, to bring into our country refugees from Afghanistan, plus the interpreters and other Afghan personnel who assisted the US military. Is this part and parcel of the Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm the system? There is certainly some logic that the Afghan refugees, combined with the flood of refugees over the southern border is designed to accomplish this end.

    The World Economic Forum has stated their belief that the Covid-19 virus would be the trigger point to initiate this transformation which might explain the consistent and relentless push to get every American vaccinated whether they want one or not. Most people have known that this was more about control than it is about public health. Finally, someone on network news has stated what is obvious to the rest of us. Our leaders completely ignore doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough of Baylor University and Dr. Marty McCary of John’s Hopkins University. Both of these physicians have spoken publicly about alternative medications such as hydroxychloroquine and others but their words are not considered. Why you ask do our leaders ignore the opinions of these physicians? The answer is simple, they want to exercise control and get the population of the United States to be comfortable with adhering to instructions about the health considerations and to instill fear as a means of exercising that control.

    These are just a few of the circumstances that will control our collective destiny as they push our country toward Socialism, Marxism or Communism. But any way you look at it, the American people are going to have to fight to retain the life that we have known in this country that we love. What shape all of this is going to take is not clear. But the drastic actions that have been taken so certainly lead any reasonable person to question whether or not the Great Reset has already begun.

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( August 23rd, 2021 @ 8:08 am )
Certainly the Great Reset has begun and is moving very rapidly. We do not have the luxury of time in preparing for events coming our way. It is here. It is now. If people indeed have a point they will not go beyond, they must soon decide just where that line in the sand is.

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