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Denmark's government has rolled out a plan to require asylum seekers (illegal alien migrants) to work 37 hours a week in either public service jobs or regular jobs in order to access welfare benefits.  "There are still too many people. especially with non-western backgrounds, who do not have a job to get up to", a government official told the media.

What is amazing is that it is not the center-right "blue block" currently in power.   This plan  is put forward by the Social Democrats, the leading party in the center-left "red block". which currently has a one seat majority in parliament.  Denmark's influential anti-immigration Danish Peoples Party sits on the opposition benches with the other blue block parties.

Under international treaties, any migrant who qualifies for asylum has an automatic right to all welfare programs, and this applies in the United States as well.  In most European countries, this is also extended to "asylum seekers". illegal alien migrants who apply for asylum and often take years for a final decision to be reached.  Denmark now intends to put them to work to get their welfare.

Denmark has long had some of the toughest immigration policies in western Europe. In the 2015 migrant invasion, Denmark closed its land border with Germany to keep the migrants out.  They also made a substantial cut in the amount of welfare given to asylum seekers and extensively advertised that fact in areas where Muslim migrants were congregated on Europe's borders, adding that Denmark did not want them..

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( September 12th, 2021 @ 1:28 pm )
The asylum / welfare racket is about to get much worse in the USA. What has been happening is catch and release. For many years illegal aliens who claimed asylum were given a court date, told to come back, and most never did. They just disappeared into the US interior, and thus did not get asylum or the right to welfare. Of those who did come to court, most were ultimately denied asylum, so they also did not qualify for welfare. Biden changed the process so that they were just released without even being a given a court date, and they also did not get qualified for welfare. Now Biden is proposing to use bleeding heart bureaucrats to make instant decisions on asylum instead of going through the immigration court system as the law provides. If that happens, then they all will likely have their asylum status rubberstamped and will all qualify for welfare. This will be a huge hit to the taxpayers who have to pay for it. It is also the typical Biden process of going around the law. States should refuse to recognize any asylum documents not granted by an immigration judge.

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