Black author responds to Biden’s vaccine mandate | Beaufort County Now | She spares no words in saying how she feels about vaccine mandates

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has the following.

"Megan McGlover, the author of the upcoming book “Stop Lying“, recently posted a video to TikTok slamming Joe Biden’s declaration that his “patience is wearing thin” in which he announced employers with more than 100 employees must mandate vaccines for their employers or face severe fines.

The video, released immediately after Biden’s announcement, has nearly 200,000 views on TikTok and is now spreading to other platforms. In it, McGlover says, “Fool talking about, ‘my patience is wearing thin,’ Who the f**k is he talking to? As long as your patience don’t get as thin as that hairline, I think we’ll be alright. I am not your child, I sure ain’t your b*tch. You’re talking about, ‘Your patience is wearing thin’ These people have lost, they’re acting like they, you know what I’m saying? Are they paying your bills and d*cking you down?”

McGlover continued, “I saw that little clip, I said oh, he’s crazy. He really thinks he, he really thinks I’m his hoe. ‘My patience is wearing thin, I need you to get on that boulevard and bring me my money’ You ain’t my pimp, n***a! What the hell is wrong with these people? He really said that sh*t out of his mouth.”

In another video, McGlover slammed vaccine passports and “cards,” noting that she does her best to live a healthy lifestyle.

“You know what, since everybody has a card, I want a card as well,” said McGlover. “The drug addicts got a methadone card, these jabbed up people got a jab card, I want a healthy immunity card. I want a, ‘I take care of myself and I mind my own f**king business card.’ Do you have one of those? I think we should start putting those into production immediately.”


“It takes a lot of work for me to take care of myself. I work out, I eat well, this is day 42 of a cleanse I’ve been on, fruits, vegetables and water, I haven’t had any alcohol, I don’t smoke cigarettes. So when do I get my card? I want something that I can flash and be proud of and say, ‘Look at me! Look at me! I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing!'” She added, “Y’all want me to sit up here and stick a bunch of foreign sh*t in my body, for what? For what? So you can mess up my DNA? Bitch please, you ain’t gonna have me standing outside in the damn sun turning green and sh*t.”

Some have pointed out the inherent racism in the Democrats’ push for mass vaccination, as African Americans and other minority communities are much less likely to agree to taking one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines than white people."

Video's in article that can be found here.

She really speaks her mind.  Good for her.  

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