Texas to award contract on border wall with Mexico this week | Beaufort County Now | 733 miles cleared for construction

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Texas shares 1250 miles of border with Mexico and at present only 150 miles have a substantial border wall.  Texas is working hard to plug the gap.  They have already negotiated agreements with landowners to build the border wall on 733 miles of the remaining 1100, and contracts are ready to be let this week to two firms to begin construction on those segments.  Both firms have experience in working with previous federal government border wall construction.

In addition, Texas is deploying 11 National Guard battalions to erect more robust fencing to deter border crossing until the wall can be finished.

Texas has appropriated $1.8 Billion in state funds for something the federal government should be doing.


Texas is stepping up to the plate to save America from Biden's failures.

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( September 13th, 2021 @ 12:58 pm )
Hooray for Texas and its taking up the challenge to build the border wall. North Carolina should help contribute to the cost. When migrants are stopped from getting into Texas, that means they cannot come to North Carolina. We benefit from the wall Texas is building, so we should volunteer to help pay for it.

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