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The crime got worldwide attention, Four Afghan "refugees" drugged, gang raped, and then suffocated a 13-year old Austrian schoolgirl one of them had met through Instagram. They left her body propped up against a tree in central Vienna.  Three of the Afghans were arrested by Austrian police, while the fourth, Rasuili Zubaidullah, 22, escaped.

He has now been captured in London, after crossing the English channel in July with other migrants and giving a false name to authorities.  British taxpayers have paid for putting him up in a hotel since then.  Fortunately, he will now be extradicted to Austria to pay for his crimes.


This incident is a cautionary tale on the poorly vetted or unvetted, perhaps unvettable Afghans that the Biden airlift fiasco has brought to America.  How many past or future rapefugees are in that lot?  Already one has been found out, an Afghan convicted in the US of rape and previously deported during the Trump administration, but brought back by Biden on one of his airlift flights.  Over 40 have now been identified on terrorist watch lists.  Sweden, Germany, France and the UK have also identified rapists and people on terrorist watch lists among those on evacuation flights.  If Biden had not run such a sloppy operation, all of these people should have been vetted before they ever got on an airplane.

Of the 122,000 Biden boasted of airlifting out of Afghanistan, only 5.400 were US citizens, and 6,000 to 7,000 were SIV's, Afghans who had worked for the US or its allies.  There were a total of 88,000 in Afghanistan who qualified as SIV's but Biden only got a tiny fraction out while allowing many who did not qualify on to the planes.  About 110,000 of the 122,000 on those flights were neither citizens nor SIV's.  Many had no papers so there was no way to tell who or what they really were.

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( September 14th, 2021 @ 2:45 am )
Biden is asking for $6.4 Billion in taxpayer money to settle 95,000 Afghans in the US and for fast track citizenship for them. This includes access to welfare. Most of these are NOT the Afghans who helped the US and its allies. Most are unvetted and a significant number have no ID at all. We have no way to vet them effectively and no idea what their background is. Biden is both a spendthrift and a traitor. www.breitbart.com

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