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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

When the leadership of the Australian state of Victoria's main construction union, the CFMEU ordered its members to get vaccinated against Covid by Thursday, they were probably doing it to back up the state's Labour Party government under Premier Dan Andrews.  What they probably did not expect was the angry rejection of that order by their own members.

CF:MEU members turned up at union headquarters in mass and attacked the building, breaking down its doors, as union officials barricaded themselves upstairs.  Police then arrived and began firing rubber bullets at the labor union members who were protesting against their own union leadership.  Ultimately, state Labour Premier Andrews retaliated by shutting down the entire construction industry for two weeks. (Wow, is it likely that this will encourage union members to vote Labour in the next election?)

Meanwhile, ordinary citizens were also engaged against the lockdowns, which are draconian in the state of Victoria, some of the most repressive in Australia.  Citizen protests resulted in 235 arrests as crowds broke through police lines.  One scene from that protest that has gone viral shows a policeman knocking an elderly woman who was not doing anything threatening to the ground, causing obvious injury, and then going close up and deliberately pepper spraying her in the face.

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( September 21st, 2021 @ 3:01 pm )
Things are coming to a boil over the lockdowns in the state of Victoria, Australia. Now, 20,000 mostly labor union members have blocked the busiest freeway into Melbourne and say they will be back daily until the lockdowns are lifted.

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