‘Bare Shelves Biden’ Trends Near Top Of Twitter As Users Highlight Supply Chain Crisis: ‘Apocalypse Now’ | Beaufort County Now | Social media users made #BareShelvesBiden trend near the top of Twitter on Sunday as they vented frustration over supply chain issues that continue to impact many U.S. consumers.

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    Social media users made #BareShelvesBiden trend near the top of Twitter on Sunday as they vented frustration over supply chain issues that continue to impact many U.S. consumers.

    "The Biden administration has caught flak in recent months for the supply chain crisis and rising inflation that have interrupted Americans' everyday lives," Fox News reported. "Yet White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and liberal media pundits have suggested the concurrent economic issues have been overblown."

    The hashtag, which went as high as the #6 trend on Twitter, featured users tweeting out photographs of empty shelves at stores across the U.S.

    Right before the hashtag went viral, a few journalists and congressional staffers tweeted out photographs of empty shelves at stores.

    Kayla Tausche, Senior White House correspondent at CNBC, tweeted: "Apocalypse now."

    Mark Bednar, a top staffer for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, tweeted: "Grocery store in DC. Wonder when @SecretaryPete will AGAIN simultaneously declare it's a private sector problem & say the only remedy is Democrats' multi-trillion dollar, big-government socialist bill."

    Matthew Foldi, reporter at The Washington Free Beacon, tweeted: "The [mainstream media] has completely memory holed the ongoing supply chain crisis. From North Texas Starbucks today."

    Foldi later added: "Similarly, our local Super @GiantFood in Maryland is full of empty shelves today Supply chain crisis continuing into 2022 Where is @SecretaryPete?"

    Jon Levine, reporter at the New York Post, tweeted: "ShopRite in Clark, New Jersey this evening. (Photo from a friend, reposted with permission)."

    By that point, users got #BareShelvesBiden trending.

    "I've received 8 messages & counting from my very polite @Instacart shopper over the last 10 minutes about missing items in the Cascade Rd @Publix," Atlanta Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeted. "I shopped in Buckhead & Vinings last week and no one else seems to have the supply chain issues we're experiencing in SW Atlanta."

    Jack Posobiec, Senior Editor at Human Events, responded: "Even Keisha Bottoms is feeling it! #BareShelvesBiden."

    Molly Jenkins, Communications Director for Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA): "Can't wait to eat...the frozen spinach I had to buy since there is no salad or chicken left at Whole Foods. #BidensAmerica #supplychaincrisis."

    Other notable tweets that featured the hashtag included:

    Jennifer Van Laar, Managing Editor at Red State: "#BareShelvesBiden at Stater Bros in Simi Valley, CA. This was the 2nd store we went to looking for bagels. Found the bagels but zero - ZERO - plain cream cheese. If you want Kraft parmesan cheese or Top Ramen, you're pretty much out of luck."

    Christy Lewis, Senate GOP Policy Director: "Harris Teeter in Virginia. #BareShelvesBiden."

    Curtis Houck, Managing Editor at NewsBusters: "#BareShelvesBiden in dark blue Oakton, Virginia."

    "Ships stuck at sea, warehouses overflowing, trucks without drivers: The highly intricate and interconnected global supply chain is in upheaval, with little end in sight," The New York Times reported in early December. "The turmoil has revealed how the need to ship surgical masks to West Africa from China can have a cascading effect on Ford's ability to put back-up cameras on its cars at factories in Ohio and delay the arrival of Amazon Prime orders in Florida in time for the holidays."

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