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A Message to Voters of Beaufort County from Gary Carlton

    Proficiency Ratings are test score rating measures for schools on academic proficiency using performance on state tests across grades and subjects compared to other schools in the state to produce a 1-10 rating for each school. North Carolina's school report cards are an important resource for parents, educators, state leaders, researchers, and others, providing information about school and district-level data in a several areas. These include student performance and academic growth, school and student characterizations, and many other details. The NC DPI website provides information about Beaufort County schools. The data from the NC DPI website show that the public K-12 schools represented in Beaufort County NC are performing poorly based upon the NC State DPI Metrics.

    From this website, almost all the public schools in Beaufort County are scored at 50% or less on grade level proficiency scores. The Beaufort County public schools are failing our students. Less than 30% of high school students in Beaufort County are career and college level proficient.

    Beaufort County Student Average Performance Scores based on grade level performance 2021:

    • Math 61% not proficient
    • Reading 58% not proficient
    • Science 44% not proficient
    • Biology 67% not proficient
    • English II 52% not proficient
    • Math I 81% not proficient
    • Math III 59% not proficient

    We must get back to the Curriculum Basics of the three R's

  • We must ensure that all students have necessary Reading skills, not by reading only material recommended by a nationwide reading program but by reading from a diversity of books and ideas.
  • We must ensure that the curriculum will develop necessary English skills, so that our students will know how to effectively communicate.
  • We must ensure that students have necessary Math and Science skills in to be able to complete in a complex world.
  • We must ensure that students have knowledge of Civics and how our government works.
  • We must ensure that students have knowledge of North Carolina and American history so that students will understand the events that led to the founding of our country and the dedication and sacrifice of our Founders.

    Our School Board and School Administration must be held accountable for students performing below grade level proficiency.

    The School Board is guilty of chasing programs promoted by progressive factions and the DPI rather than concentrating on a sound basic curriculum.

    We must adopt a sound Curriculum with the focus on teaching our children how to be Critical Thinkers and not indoctrinated Zombies.

    Common Core Initiative

    Common Core is an educational initiative from 2010 that details what K-12 students throughout the United States should know in English language arts and mathematics at the conclusion of each school grade. The initiative also seeks to establish consistent educational standards across the states as well as ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter credit-bearing courses at two and four-year college programs or to enter the workplace.

    Bill Gates was the godfather of Common Core and President Obama encouraged all states to adopt Common Core national standards. Current data reveals that Common Core has produced "significant negative effects on reading and math achievement.

    Common Core was the beginning of a progressive attempt to nationalize curriculum and content although its proponents say that content is controlled locally. The fact is national curriculum would take decisions away from local schools.

    Common Core is a complete failure and many states have backed away from this destructive initiative.

    Local School Districts have the right to determine their course content. The effect of having State or Federal control over our curriculums is a disaster.

    Students should read and study from a wide variety of resources and not just the ones acceptable to these progressives.
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