Democrat Stacey Abrams Takes Extreme Position On Abortion During Race For Georgia’s Governorship | Eastern North Carolina Now | Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) refused to name a single restriction on abortion that she supports when pressed multiple times on the matter during interviews on Sunday.

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    Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) refused to name a single restriction on abortion that she supports when pressed multiple times on the matter during interviews on Sunday.

    Abrams was asked on Fox News' "Fox News Sunday" with co-host Martha MacCallum if she supported Georgia's new pro-life law, which puts a ban on abortions after six weeks or after a heart beat is detected.

    "So with regard to that law, I know that you said you were appalled by the outcome of the court's decision," MacCallum said. "But given the law that was voted in by the legislature in Georgia, do you support the fact that they will carry out the will of the people in Georgia and put that law at a six-week ban into effect?"

    "I do not," Abrams responded. "And I would reject the notion that this is the will of the people. This is a political decision made by the narrowest of margins and done to satisfy an even narrower constituency."

    "Do you support any limitation on abortion or do you think that women should have the right to have an abortion all the way up to nine months?" MacCallum asked.

    "I believe an abortion is a medical decision," Abrams responded. "I believe that should be a choice made between a doctor and a woman and in consultation with her family. But I think the challenge that we have is that we keep putting this in a political space."

    MacCallum later asked "at what point do you start to care about the life of that baby?"

    "What I would say is that it is a medical decision," Abrams responded. "I don't know of a single woman who reaches the stage where this decision is easy."


    Abrams was again pressed on the matter during an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on the network's "State of the Union."

    "As you know, polling on abortion is very complicated, and, in more nuanced questions, most Americans support at least some restrictions on abortion overall," Tapper said. "Do you think the government should play any role in restricting abortion? As governor, what restrictions would you be willing to support in Georgia, if any?"

    "Those medical choices should not be governed by someone's religious or ideological convictions," Abrams responded. "And if we're going to make medical decisions, they should be made with medical input, not at the whim of politicians."


With Roe v Wade (originated in 1973) overturned by the US Supreme Court, thereby allowing decisions on abortion legislation completely returned to the states: Where do you find your position on such a "Life and Death" issue for the American People?
  Yes, I approve of the US Supreme Court's decision to reinstate this "medical" issue back to the states' legislative responsibility to regulate.
  No, I believe that every woman should have complete access to abortion on demand.
  This issue is far beyond my intellectual capacity to understand.
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With respect to the leaked opinion not yet written for ratification regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's revisiting the original decision of Roe v Wade, whence now nonstop protests have erupted in neighborhoods where U.S. Supreme Court justices live, exhibiting the firm intent to intimidate these officers of the highest court in the land: What action should the federal authorities take?
  Do nothing ... Protests are a fixture of a free society.
  Enforce the law ... Federal codes exist to prohibit any intimidation through the pubic harassment of federal judges, especially Supreme Court justices.
  I have no idea, however, northern Virginia School Board Members must be shielded from protests at all costs.
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