Power to the People | Eastern North Carolina Now | What do we do to rein in the N.C. Supreme Court?  As I recommended in a previous article, we set up a process that allows the state legislature to override N.C. Supreme court decisions that are interfere with the legislature's enumerate authority to make laws as long as they do not violate the...

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    The recent Supreme Court rulings had a consistent theme that we need to attend to.  That theme was the returning of the power to control our lives back to the people as intended by the Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution.  In the Roe vs Wade reversal, the court stated clearing that deciding issues such as abortion rests with the people (through their elected representatives) in each state not with a nine member court.  Similarly, the court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency  (controlled by Leftist greenies) had overstepped their authority and agreed with the state of West Virginia that they reserve the right to establish environmental rules for their state.  It is clear, that federal agencies are taking away the power of the people with their authoritarian activism.

    Now, why is this important to the citizens of North Carolina?  What the Supreme Court is saying, is that courts should not “legislate from the bench”.   How does this apply to actions of the North Carolina Supreme Court?  Two of the most glaring examples are their interference with the redistricting process which is clearly a legislative function and the blocking of photo ID requirements.   Not only was establishing a photo ID to vote   clearly a legislative issue but it was even passed by a large majority of the voters by referendum.    The Democrat controlled N.C.  Supreme Court did exactly what the U.S. Supreme Court has just indicated they should not do.   That is: set themselves up as a mini-legislature.

    OK so what do we do to rein in the N.C. Supreme Court?  As I recommended in a previous article, we set up a process that allows the state legislature to override N.C. Supreme court decisions that are interfere with the legislature’s enumerate authority to make laws as long as they do not violate the state constitution.

    By establishing such a process, the power to govern ourselves will be returned to the people through our duly elected representatives.  If anyone would like to debate me on this issue, I would be pleased to oblige.  It is worth our serious consideration.

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