More Wrinkles in Valerie Jordan Residency Allegations | Eastern North Carolina Now | Jordan may be disqualified from running for the North Carolina Third District Senate seat

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the John Locke Foundation. The author of this post is Dr. Andy Jackson.

    UPDATE: The Currituck County Board of Elections unanimously voted that there is enough evidence to establish "probable cause to hold an evidentiary hearing" on Jordan's residency. It will be on Tuesday, August 23.

    ORIGINAL POST: In March, I wrote about allegations that former congressman Mark Meadows was not a legal resident of the county where he voted in 2020.

    Now a candidate for North Carolina Senate is facing similar allegations.

    Valerie Jordan claimed to live at 137 Red Oak Lane in Warrenton in the paperwork she filed to declare her candidacy for the Third Senate District in the northeastern corner of North Carolina. General Assembly candidates must live in the district they wish to represent.

    However, the Carolina Journal reported today that her opponent, Bobby Hanig filed a complaint alleging that Jordan is in reality a resident of Raleigh. He has the receipts, with publicly available documents showing that Jordan lives in Raleigh. He wants the Currituck Board of Elections, where he filed the complaint, to dig further:

    Filed with the Currituck County Board of Elections, Hanig's request asks that election officials subpoena Jordan's:

  1. 2020 and 2021 tax returns
  2. NCDOT paystubs and reimbursements
  3. Personal bank statements
  4. Auto insurance policy for the Lexus with the license plate "DOT 5"
  5. Amazon Prime order history since December 2020

    In addition to the documents, they also have photographs showing that Jordan has been parking her vehicles at her home on Olander Street in Raleigh, not 137 Red Oak Lane in Warrenton, where she claims to live.

    Owning or renting property does not establish residency under GS 163-57 of North Carolina law; you must live there.

    Jordan could claim to maintain a Warren County residency even though she lives in Raleigh under GS 163-57(9) by claiming she only lives in Raleigh due to her service in the state government. However, a search of her voting record (under "Valerie Delorse Jordan") reveals that she had been registered to vote in Wake County since 1998. Her appointment to the Department of Transportation Board by Gov. Roy Cooper did not cause her to leave Warren County; she was long gone before then.

    Jordan moved her registration to Warren County from Wake on December 2, 2020. The only election on record in Warren County in which she has voted in Warren County was the May 2022 primary, when she was on the ballot.

    Mark Meadows eventually lost his right to vote in Macon County when the county board of elections removed him from the active voter list. Jordan may similarly lose her right to vote in Warren County, although she will still be able to vote in Wake County.

    That would also mean Jordan would not be eligible to run in the Third Senate District, and the Democratic Party would have to name a replacement. She could face voting fraud charges, although the higher burden of proof for criminal charges makes that less likely.
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