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   Let’s face reality.  We are in a war with the Left, who want to turn our country into a socialist hellhole. A blind man can see it.   Like all wars, the victors are led by bold, strong and inspirational leaders.   As patriots who want to save our country, we have to ask ourselves if we have the leadership we need.  The Republican party wants us to believe that we do.   Let’s take an honest look.

   A strong leader must do the following: (1) Clearly recognize the threat we are facing and publically and continually communicate that to the people; (2) Present a firm, assertive personal demeanor that gives confidence that he/she is a strong fighter not a compromising wimp; (3) Advocate detailed and uncompromising actions that must be taken so people have a clear picture of what needs to be done; (4) Be able to motivate people to follow him/her and to complete the actions needed, and last but not least (5) Be courageous.    Unfortunately, some of the longer serving Republicans appear unable to perform these essential leadership functions.    Ask yourself if Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarty meet these requirements.  I personally, do not believe that they do.   Does Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis meet these requirements?   I definitely believe they do.   Others may also like Rep. Jim Jordan, Governor Kristi Noem, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Senator Josh Hawley, etc.  appear to have some if not all of the traits needed to be strong leaders.

   An example of weak leadership is what is occurring now with the unconstitutional Biden executive order to forgive part of student loans.  The Constitution gives the authority to appropriate and spend tax dollars to Congress.   Yet, here we have a president authorizing the expenditure of up to one trillion dollars. Where is the push back from McConnell and McCarthy?   Where are the calls for impeaching Biden?  Where is the plan for how this will be stopped?

   The bottom line for us as patriots is to make sure that we demand strong leadership in the battle to save America from the Democrat Left.  We must support and vote for strong leaders and make sure that all elected Republicans know that we expect them to provide the strong leadership that is needed.

   R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

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