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By Rev. Mark Creech
Christian Action League
September 1, 2022

I have no allegiance to Donald Trump. My loyalty has always been to Christ. However, I voted for Trump and encouraged others to vote for him. I had no allusions to his character deficits, and neither did other evangelicals like me. Is he truly a believer in Christ, as some Christians argued? I don’t know.

This is what I do know, and I’m saying it unashamedly. I could not vote for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, whom I believe represent a vision for this country far removed from what our nation’s founders gave us. Moreover, the policies they espoused are far more unChristian than all of Trump’s character deficits combined.

Trump is no threat to our Democracy, as Leftists claim. What’s a threat to this nation is the way Socialism has hijacked the Democratic party. In my estimation, this is why they constantly pound away on him – to take away our attention from the real problem, which is an effort to make us the United States of Socialism.

Let me add that God told Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt” (Gen. 12:3). I believe this promise is not only for the Jew but also for those who follow Christ, who are the children of Abraham by faith. No President ever favored evangelical Christians the way Trump did. How can I not reciprocate with support for the man who blessed those whom God favors?

Finally, I will not fret that my testimony for Christ is irreparably damaged because I supported Trump. Generally speaking, Leftists despise the Lord Jesus Christ, or if they speak of Him, they have an image of Him that is utterly devoid of biblical support. If they can’t judge Christ properly, I suggest they have an incredibly flawed standard by which to judge anyone.

Now you know where I stand on Donald Trump.

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