Twelve Lesser-Known Disciples Who Didn't Make It Into The Bible | Eastern North Carolina Now | Ever wondered who the disciples were that followed Jesus besides those twelve famous guys?

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    Publisher's note: This post appears here on BCN with the expressed permission of the Babylon Bee - friends that can find your funny bone in a very dark room.

    Ever wondered who the disciples were that followed Jesus besides those twelve famous guys? Allow us to fill you in on twelve lesser-known disciples who didn't quite make the cut to get their name in the Bible.

  • Barry The Sound Guy - lugged incredible amounts of sound equipment all over Israel and, as always, got zero credit. Your reward is great in Heaven, Barry!
  • James The Even Lesser - really was a pretty good guy, but just couldn't hang with the other Jameses.
  • Evan The Bass Player - notorious for feuding with Barry about the sound levels.
  • Marvin The Greeter - many scholars believe Marvin is the real reason behind that episode of thousands suddenly abandoning Jesus.
  • Dale The Road Manager - helped arrange lodging and meals. Reportedly fired by Peter after five thousand people showed up to see Jesus and Dale forgot to order food.
  • Clarence The Social Media Guy - managed many ups and downs in followers, but despite his efforts, all the disciples eventually got kicked off Twitter. Sad!
  • Steve - what more can anyone really say about Steve?
  • Todd The Total Screw-Up - though not named, Todd stupidly told Jesus to send the little children away - and his idiocy has been recorded for all posterity. Good one, Todd!
  • Lonnie - best known for having a bit too much wine at the wedding in Cana and breaking out "The Worm" on the dance floor.
  • Judas The Not Bad One - incredibly kind and loyal guy with just a terrible name. Eventually changed it to Leroy.
  • Kevin The CrossFit Guy- reportedly never shut up about it. Eventually got kicked out for being in a cult.
  • Jerry The Moderately Zealous - a somewhat regular sermon attendee, and volunteered on occasion. His name might have actually been Gary, the translation is difficult and no one cares.

    As you can see, there were many other disciples besides the big twelve! Let us know if you've discovered any others!
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