Whales may save VA electric customers from high offshore wind power rates | Eastern North Carolina Now | lawsuit in the works to stop massive offshore Virginia wind farm

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Offshore wind turbines are one of the most expensive ways to make electricity and are highly favored by Democrats ranging from Biden to Virginia's last Democrat governor. With complete Democrat control of state government, legislation was passed to impose a massive offshore wind farm on Virginia's electric ratepayers which would cause electric rates to skyrocket.  With the Democrats still in control of the state Senate, Governor Youngkin has no way to stop it.  However, the whales and their supporters seem to have arrived to save the day.

The climate alarmists have placed their offshore wind farm smack in the middle of the ancient migration path of the Right Whale, a highly endangered species, of which there are only about 300 left in the world.  Now a coalition of environmentalists and conservatives have joined forces and lawyered up to file a lawsuit to stop the offshore wind farm.


This offshore wind farm threatens a number of small businesses.  Whale watching is part of the tourism industry of Virginia Beach, and the wind farm would adversely impact all whales, not just the Right Whale.  Commercial fishermen also say that the offshore wind farm would destroy their industry.

Before it is over, the climate alarmists may want to rename the Right Whale the "Far Right Whale".

North Carolina faces the same offshore wind boondoggle, which is heavily pushed by leftwing governor Roy Cooper for a site off of Wilmington, that would be a huge threat to electric rates, electric reliability, seabirds, the fishing industry, and tourism.  Hopefully, the right whale migrates through that area, too, so there will be a mechanism to stop Cooper.  Unfortunately, NC's RINO legislative leadership is in Cooper's pocket on this boondoggle. That includes the RINO state senator that Beaufort County will inherit by redistricting in January, Sen. Jim Perry (RINO-Kinston)

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