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    Don't you feel it growing, day by day
    People getting ready for the news
    Some are happy, some are sad
    Whoa, gotta let the music play

    What the people need is a way to make 'em smile
    It ain't so hard to do if you know how
    Gotta get a message, get it on through
    Oh, now Momma don't you ask me why

    Whoa, oh listen to the music
    Whoa, oh listen to the music
    Whoa, oh listen to the music
    All the time

    Like a lazy flowing river
    Surrounding castles in the sky
    And the crowd is growing bigger
    Listening for the happy sounds
    And I got to let them fly
- Tom Johnston

The "King" of Albania issues operational orders as an unidentified American technical advisor looks on, April 1996, Durres, Albania: Above.     Click image to enlarge.

    Did you notice that Black Friday was a huge dud for the retail community and that nobody is spending currency beyond food and essentials? Where were the traditional long lines forming pre-dawn -- to scarf up the deals with brawling urban momma-sans making like Andy Kaufman in the wrestling match over the last big screen TV?

    Sure you noticed -- hard to miss a collapsing economy when you are living it every day. The reason of course is because the simpleton FJB and his flunkies have absolutely gutted the economy while the Fed loses control of an inverted yield curve. Ultimately this means less quam in everybody's pocket concurrent with prices escalating.

    The weaponisation of food, banking and healthcare continues to increase as America prepares for "the disaster of '23." New World Order globalist programming, structured to reduce the Earth's population, transitions from the more passive vaccine/gene therapy reduction phase to the aggressive war/famine/currency collapse juncture.

    Combined with the near 24/7 stress-inducing propaganda passing for news these days -- licensed by and politicised through the usual government arms -- and you can understand how the peeps have become so vulnerable to this attack methodology. That, for the most part, they remain ignorant of their approaching fate speaks volumes toward the duplicity and outright theft of these globalist Masters of the Universe.

    If you haven't figured it out yet take a moment and realise that the current global population exceeds the Earth's carrying capacity. In other words, there are more people living, and being born every day, than there are sufficient resources (primarily food and energy now) to sustain this level of participation.

    Thus so-called Obamacare that looks great on the surface until you try and use it for anything beyond a simple doctor wellness appointment. Everything directed from the top: diagnosis protocols that take the decision making away from doctors while transitioning them to pharmaceutical salesmen. Got a problem -- take a pill.

    Sign these papers and get your poison even cheaper.

    The banks are all insolvent. They are caught in their own liquidity trap and spend most of their time chasing yield against an inverted yield curve. Please...

    And of course you are welcome to your "money" in the large national banks anytime you want -- just give them some notice and fill out some more government paperwork and maybe you can get your currency with no hassle in a couple days.

    Maybe. Legislative changes a few years back adjust your status to one of "creditor" if the bank goes under. To collect recompense you can get in line behind the bond holders, whose claims are senior to yours.

    They will settle for thirty cents on the dollar. How about you with your life savings?

    And of course the Ukraine war has exacerbated an already terrible food crisis. That war could be ended tomorrow if the West would just yell "Uncle" and get out. But Russia about to launch the Winter offensive of all Winter offensives -- they won't stop until they have won.

    The more immediate food concern is the lack of diesel approaching. The expensive food bought this month in the grocery store was planted long ago. The food you think you will be eating in '23 is not being planted for any number of reasons -- to include escalating input costs and fertiliser issues in terms of availability and price.

    Black Friday a harbinger of the approaching economic death spiral -- prepare accordingly.


    Michael Penix was everything advertised and the Cougar DBs could not hang as Washington State ran out of gas in the second half and we dropped to 3-3 on the season and 7-3 lifetime with our Lock of Mortal Civilisation. Penix had trouble early with the wind and the crowd noise but lit up the Cougar secondary in the second half like a Ukie Brigade just before the incoming detonates.

    Both the anticipated bad weather and Washington State pass rush failed to show. In retrospect this was a good call in terms of rivalry weekend where the likes of Michigan, State College, Oregon State, South Carolina etc, etc all pulled upsets at longer prices. However in terms of Penix and how well we knew he could play, maybe not so good.

    Happily the big rivalry weekend transitions to conference title weekend where the stakes are higher, wagering pools escalated and The Man alters his strategy in terms of the line. Many of these championship tilts are played at neutral indoor sites where the speed matrix evolves beyond The Man's number.

    And then the Bowl games come. Yum yum.

    Speaking of bowls, word seems to indicate ECU a possible matchup with Syracuse in what would be the inaugural Fenway Bowl. We checked with Farnell on his opinion of what such a number should be -- not necessarily what it will be.

    After a bit of grumbling on how Monday was Albanian Independence Day and no one seemed to care these days about such, he shared the following insight:

    "This likely to be a very good spot for ECU with any kind of bad weather as Syracuse used to playing in the Dome with perfect passing conditions. We are reminded seeing Lou Piniella crash into the Fenway center field wall back in a '75 Yanks-Red Sox doubleheader from some decent seats. Forty-seven years later we make SYRACUSE (minus five) over ECU. Anything more than five and ECU is an automatic early play."

    Albanian Independence Day? Jury still out on that one...
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