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Publisher's Note: This new series, from The Correspondent, will be an evolving fixture here on Eastern NC NOW, so keep your visits on a frequent basis, and we will keep you full of even a greater variety of knowledge.

    Called all my friends on those cheap nightly rates
    Sure was good to talk to the old United States
    While the lights of St. Thomas lie twenty miles west
    I see General Electric's still doing their best

    I got to head this boat South pretty soon
    New album's old and I'm fresh out of tunes
    But I know that I'll get 'em, I know that they'll come
    Through the people and places and Caldwood's Rum

    Please don't say mañana if you don't mean it
    I have heard those words for so very long
    Don't try to describe the ocean if you've never seen it
    Don't ever forget that you just may wind up being wrong
- Jimmy Buffet

The Hawk, Hrvatska Izvestajna Sluzba 37, and the Correspondent take a final briefing before vectoring the Krajina. Herceg-Bosna 1990-something: Above.     Click image to enlarge.

    For about a quarter Carolina hung with Clemson and then the bottom fell out with a blocked field goal and long pick six as Dabo did it again. He had the good sense to ditch a struggling QB and even sneaked in a two point PAT fake that saw his son score the deuce.

    Unfortunately for Carolina backers Clemson was the better prepared squad. Our record drops to 3-4 with the loss and 3-5 in terms of units. Fortunately Colvin has checked in from Paris with the happy news he successfully ex-filtrated Mariupol with all his parts intact and a pocketful of Mr Putin's gold coin on his person.

    Colvin, while still in Kabul, considered an authority on futbol/soccer handicapping; more than a few of the most secular Taliban chaps happy to check in with him from time to time for soccer consultation. Still with the form following last fall's hit on the ex-Stasi killer Mundt -- and liquidation of the old Trench Fighter's button man amidst the Mariupol collapse -- he seeks to acquire filthy western lucre to fund his next retirement from the killing racket.

    Knowing the players, the coaches and the form, we respect his opinion. Knowing the Russians like he does, we suspect he wants to make a quam killing and then find his personal catenaccio for the collapse of '23 -- or he is still working for the Centre and coordinating FSB ops in the City of Light.

    Either way, Colvin not the type to convert money into currency unless it is for the purposes of acquiring more currency. One would think the old Georgia Bulldog found interest in American football but as an ex-pat he migrates to the local form. Harry Kane an old pal of Hughes and of course, as long-time readers know, the Falklands survivor Hughes -- the Old Craw -- knows his futbol.

    Rushing important in American football and Carolina out-gained Clemson 111-68 on the ground which was not totally unexpected but the kid Klubnick came off the bench to throw for 279 on 20 of 24 passing. That was unexpected.

    Neither team putting up big numbers on the ground usually means the run-stopping defence is strong or the pass defence is weak -- both ways. The blocked kick by Clemson was huge as UNC had reached first and goal at the nine yard line to move to a tie before penalties backed them up for the ill-fated kick.

    If we had to do it again, we would want to reconsider this call. Clemson was the much better squad and Dabo definitely turned Mack every which way but loose. Carolina had a chance there with the seven and the hook but reality is they would have needed to play a much better game and they didn't.

    England and France World Cup likely to be a better choice next week with the very thin American Division I football card. The Army -- Navy game traditionally the only major college football game the second weekend in December and that game has been steamed with Navy quam after the Cadets posted an early (and not for long) six point piece of chalk.

    Considering that the only football choice out there is Army -- Navy the weekend approaching, we will take the international plunge. A return to the form -- so to speak.

    One should not place bets on World Cup without understanding a major difference between international futbol (soccer) and American football wagering. In American sports (football, baseball, basketball etc) overtime scores are considered to determine sides (game winners) and totals (over/under). In World Cup wagering sides and totals are based on 90 minutes of play plus extra time, unless the wager is specifically "to advance."

    Late in the game you will begin to see on your screen the time expired and then a plus sign followed by some time. This is in essence administrative time added to make up for stoppages in play. Unlike American sports the clock keeps going during an injury or after a goal is scored and the players are celebrating with modern dance form.

    Each remaining World Cup match will thus offer three wagering choices: Side A wins, side B wins, or The Draw. The Draw wager collects when both teams are tied at the end of regulation and extra time. Overtime periods and penalty kick shootout results are null for these wagering purposes.

    Mbappe a terror for France now and likely to take The Golden Boot. Young legs, a lion's heart and with a flair for the dramatic, the French striker seems unstoppable of late. France with a return to elan like it was 1914 again; these are a different youth of Gaul than 1916 or 1968.

    Anytime we are able to find an edge we want to hit it hard. The thing is with World Cup it is not a binary choice against the number. Generally speaking most wagering is on the Money Line where there are now three choices with the addition of the draw. This complicates things greatly when seeking value. Mbappe is tearing it up now but if there is no value in his squad's number, we gotta let it go.

    Never let the emotions go to your head in this racket. Maye is ten yards from putting Carolina ahead with the points right before the half and he throws a ridiculous 90 yard plus pick six. On the blocked kick the wing rusher not picked up -- he didn't even have to dive to block it.

    Dung occurs -- you gotta get past it. Forgive 'em when they fumble the ball and trespass against you and your bank roll. Start looking for better opportunities to stick it to The Man.

    Think about the Money Line from time to time when wagering American football. In that form odds are offered on straight up winning without the point spread handicap. If you like an underdog, often there is superior value in playing the game straight and catching the odds with the higher Money Line payoff.

    Unlike France, the Tommies are not a star-centric outfit. Harry Kane the key to England as number nine sits in the centre-front of the Anglo strikers. His job to make sure everyone on the team is heard, the attackers fed -- and when in doubt, to fire the ball through the net his own self late in the period. Such that Harry Kane understands the Azzurri catenaccio form is what Colvin keeps stressing.

    Mbappe being shut down with this form changes everything and sensing an opportunity for a big score when we are behind for the season, we will go for it in Saturday's France - England contest of skill and science. Our hope here is Harry Kane scores early and then directs an Azzurri style defence with the lead. Our three unit call here is France -- England to Draw (+210) in regulation play.

FRANCE vs ENGLAND     (DRAW +210)   @ Al Khor    Saturday    2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT

FRANCE    1    (Mbappe '71)  •  ENGLAND  1    (Kane '19)

    Down 2.5 units after the doubled UNC debacle, we risk three units at the Draw odds in an effort to flop far in the green for the campaign. If we miss it we go dark here for most of Bowl season -- with the exception of possible UNC, State College and ECU post-season tilts -- until the pro playoffs initiate. We hit it and the foot goes on the gas -- bigly the distance.

    A tie after 90 minutes plus stoppage time worth a cool 6.3 units Big Daddy. Until then wondering what calibre they used in Moore County Saturday night. Calling it a terrorist attack yet?
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