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This claims it is a transcript of three tapes on "The New Order of Barbarians" (1), referred to on the tapes simply as the "new world system". 

Sounds a lot like what is happening today.  
Transcript of Tape I

Transcript of Tape II

Transcript of Tape III

Some Highlights of The Tapes' Content
Tape I
*  There is a power, a force or a group of men organizing and redirecting change

*  Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now
*  Redirecting the purpose of sex; sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex
*  Sex education as a tool of World Government
*  Tax funded abortion as population control
*  Anything goes - Homosexuality to be encouraged
*  Families to diminish in importance
*  Euthanasia and the "Demise Pill"
*  Limiting access to affordable medical care makes eliminating elderly easier
*  Planning the control over medicine
*  Elimination of private doctors
*  Introducing new difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases
*  Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control
*  Inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination
*  Blending all religions... The old religions will have to go
*  Changing the Bible through revision of key words
*  The churches will help us
*  Restructuring education as a tool of indoctrination
*  Controlling who has access to information
*  Some books would just disappear from the libraries
*  The encouragement of drug abuse to create a jungle atmosphere
*  Alcohol abuse
*  The need for more jails and using hospitals as jails

Tape II
*  No more security

*  Crime used to manage society
*  Curtailment of American industrial pre-eminence
*  Shifting populations and economies; that is, tearing the social roots
*  Sports as a tool of social change
*  Gun Control
*  Eliminating femininity
*  Sex and violence inculcated through entertainment
*  Graphic violence
*  Entertainment as a tool to change the young
*  Weather control
*  Know how people respond - making them do what you want
*  Falsified scientific research
*  Terrorism
*  Financial control
*  Surveillance implants and televisions that watch you
*  The arrival of the Totalitarian Global System
*  People will just disappear

Tape III
*  Questions & answers

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