Americans trust in news media one of lowest in the world | Eastern North Carolina Now

A  poll by Reuters Institute on trust in media conducted in 46 countries around the world found that Americans had the second lowest level of trust in the media in any country.  Only Slovakia is lower.

Asked if "you trust the news most of the time" only 26% of those polled in teh United States agreed with that statement.

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( May 27th, 2023 @ 12:39 pm )
Corporate Media is awful, corrupt, and similarly pathetic in their charge to honor their First Amendment by being honest and worthwhile.

If only by default, who would have thought the ENC NOW platform (formerly, but now expanded) would become the top Journalistic entity in this immediate region.

When I began this public square idea far more than a decade ago, I just wanted to allow people a chance to profess their opinions on a Freedom of Speech Platform, use BCN as a prototype to create our first Content Management System (CMS), and make money doing it.

So far, I have not made any decent money yet, but we have survived because it was important that we survive to provide Real News, and we are, again by default, the closest anyone will get to real journalism is these parts.

NOW, we are the largest online publication in the history of Beaufort County, employing the top technology to do so, plus, I estimate we have about 60,000 unique viewers a week visiting ENC NOW.

NOW, it is time to make some money, and ENC NOW will NOT be our only product /platform to do so.

There are a bunch of businesses here in eastern North Carolina, and we want to give all of them every opportunity to "Shop Local."
( May 27th, 2023 @ 10:04 am )
The self-styled "mainstream media" has brought this on themselves by functioning more as partisan propagandists than real journalists, constantly pushing the Democrat narrative and sweeping Republican viewpoints under the rug. They are probably not savable as they are totally captured by the left.

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