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Two separate polls for two major German newspapers show that  the populist / nationalist anti-immigration right Alternativ fur Deutschland (AfD) has pulled into a tie with the governing Social Democrats.  One poll was conducted by the major German polling firm Infratest Dimap for the major German daily newspaper Die Welt (The World) and the other by the major German polling firm INSA for the major German daily newspaper Bild. 

The Die Welt poll shows the traditional conservative Christian Democrats in the lead with 29% together with their more conervative Bavarian sister party the CSU, and the AfD and Social Democrats tied for second with 18% each.  The far left Green Party is at 15%, while the pro-business, low tax, small government Free Democrats are at 7%.  No other party would pass the 5% threshold to win seats in parliament.

The Bild poll shows the Christian Democrats / CSU leading at 27%, and the AfD and Social Democrats tied at 19% each.  It puts the Free Democrats at 9% and the Green Party at 13%.  It also has the (far) Left Party on the knife edge of passing the threshold at 5%



AfD recently flipped the narrative on "Pride Month" by promoting people adding the German national colors of red, black, and yellow to internet posts along with the words "Pride Month" to promote national pride of being German. leading AfD's version of Pride Month to trend on Twitter.

AfD also is the leading party in all states in eastern Germany, two of which have upcoming state elections.

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( June 5th, 2023 @ 10:21 am )
Germany has a very dire situation with illegal immigration and their country being overrun by illegal aliens, a large number of whom are on welfare. It is not surprising that the German people are turning to a party which wants to put a stop to that. It is to be hoped that the traditional right will learn to work with the populist rights as they have in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden to put a stop to this national suicide.

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