‘A New Low’: SNL Wrecked For Skit Mocking Elise Stefanik In College Anti-Semitism Hearing | Eastern North Carolina Now

"If there is no truth in satire, it's not funny. This isn't funny."

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Amanda Prestigiacomo.

    Sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" was roundly mocked online this weekend for its cold open on Saturday which bizarrely targeted GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY) for her questions during a recent Congressional hearing on anti-Semitism in colleges and universities, instead of the college leaders who were widely panned for their testimonies.

    During the hearing, University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill refused to acknowledge that calling for the genocide of Jews violates UPenn's code of conduct on bullying and harassment. The testimony was so jarring, it culminated in Magill's resignation on Saturday following wide backlash, as reported by The Daily Wire.

    The cold open, however, largely took aim at Rep. Stefanik, who was visibly stunned that the collegiate leaders seemed to run cover for students calling for genocide of Jews (video below). And folks online noticed.

    "A new low for SNL," Winston Marshall remarked. Conservative Emily Zanotti commented in response, "I mean, I get that SNL is typically a mess, but how do you watch that hearing and come out of it thinking Stefanik was the right target of satire?"

    "If there is no truth in satire, it's not funny," Rob Carson said. "This isn't funny."

    "After three university presidents were universally panned for their testimony about anti-Semitism on campus, SNL decided that [Elise Stefanik] was the one who embarrassed herself," Greg Price posted.

    X account Libs of TikTok commented, "[Elise Stefanik] handled the pro [genocide] University Presidents beautifully. So of course SNL mocks her. This is so difficult to watch. Isn't SNL supposed to be funny?"

    "This is the worst SNL opener in the history of the show," X account Citizen Free Press said. "No one in the audience is laughing. This plays like a humiliation ritual."

    "Serious question: Is there anyone on either side that actually thinks this is funny?" noted another conservative politico. "I mean there was plenty of comedic material from that hearing, but SNL somehow managed to cover it in the cringiest way imaginable."


    Rabbi Shmuel Reichman called the skit the "most embarrassing" he's ever seen.

    "In a postmodern world, people think they get to choose their truth, and then rewrite everything in order to fit their narrative. So SNL had a moral choice: ... admit the obvious: that the testimony of the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and MIT were universally considered to be one of the most disastrous congressional testimonies in U.S. history - testifying in front of Congress that they could not condemn calls for genocide against Jews unless they became 'conduct,'" he wrote. "Or stand by the cringeworthy stance of the radical left, that antisemitism is 'cool and hip,' and Elise Stefanik was the one who made a fool of herself. Guess which one SNL chose?"


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