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1,500 Tajiks have come in under Biden, compared to 26 over past 14 years


A human smuggling operation connected to the Muslim terrorist group ISIS-K has brought 400 illegal aliens into the US in recent months across Biden's open borders. Belatedly, DHS has started looking for them and at least 50 are still at large in the US at unknown locations.   ISIS-K is the terrorist group responsible for the Moscow theater bombing and shootings earlier this year.

Half of ISIS-K's fighters come from the small Muslim country of Tajikistan.  In the 14 years up to Biden's presidency, a total of 26 Tajiks are known to have entered the US, but since Biden became president, 1,500 of them have arrived.  The eight illegal aliens recently arrested after caught on wiretaps discussing bombings were all Tajiks.

Even Obama's Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that there is currently insufficient vetting at the border under Biden, and cited these ISIS connected migrants getting in as an example.

Read more about crimes being committed by illegal aliens on both sides of the Atlantic here:

In woke Germany, insulting an illegal alien gang rapist gets more jail time than the rapists themselves get for the actual gang rape.    When a gang of ten illegal aliens gang raped a 15-year old German girl, they were all given probation, but not so a 20-year old German woman who sent a text message to one of the gang rapists that he was "a dishonorable rapist pig" and a "disgusting miscarriage".  She was given jail time for "hate speech".  In this woke court system, insulting a rapist is worse to the judges than gang raping a young girl.

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( June 26th, 2024 @ 8:48 pm )
Major Islamic terrorist groups have openly boasted about using the migrant stream to insert their operatives into Europe. We should expect that they are using Biden's open border to do the same to the US. It is a matter of when, not if, these illegal alien terrorists strike in the US.

There is an extremely important difference between legal immigrants and illegal aliens as to vetting. With legal immigrants, there are strict background checks, including criminal records, so the criminals and terrorists get weeded out. With the illegal alien migrants, however, none of that happens, especially on Biden's watch.

Sadly, there are two many probation sentences in European countries for illegal aliens who commit rape and sexual assault against local girls and women, and even against boys. The police chief of Paris reported earlier this year that 77% of rapes and sexual assaults in Paris are committed by illegal aliens.

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