MSM media upset that they can no longer hide Biden dementia and senility | Eastern North Carolina Now

MSM media have been lying to America


The MSM media is not upset that Biden is senile.  They are upset that they cannot hide it from us anymore.  It turns out that the "cheapfake" was Biden himself.  This longtime coverup of Biden by his MSM media allies illustrates why polls repeatedly show that Americans regard the MSM media as politically biased and do not trust it.  Now that the cat is out of the back, and his MSM propagandists can no longer cover for him without losing what little crediblity they have left, they have their panties in a twist over how to handle this mess they have helped create.

The Trump campaign is responding with a new 30 second ad that points out that with all of Biden's problem, if he is elected, the country really gets Kamala Harris.

The Democrat gaslit America for four years on Biden's condition, so now perhaps they deserve BIden although the country does not:

For a refreshing contrast to the US MSM, here are some excerpts of a foreign broadcaster, SkyNews Australia covering the Trump - Biden debate:


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