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    Publisher's Note: This article originally appeared in the Beaufort Observer.

    With each passing day it is becoming clearer and clearer what Barack Obama said just before taking office when he declared "...we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America." That transformation is coming into focus, without almost every passing day. It is a transformation from a capitalistic system to a socialist system. By socialism we mean government control of the economy.

    And it is becoming clear also how Obama proposes to abolish the capitalistic system. He will follow Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals and the teachings of Piven and Cloward.

    When you study those teachings the current debacle with ObamaCare becomes very clear. What you realize is that ObamaCare in general, and the insurance exchange website in particular, are not intended to work. Rather they are intended to fail. In fact the real goal is to bring the American Health Care System crashing down. Why? So the people, frustrated with not being able to get essential health care, will rebel and insist that the government save them.

    No, they will not blame Obama or even the government. He and the Democrats will blame Republicans, the TEA Party, the evil insurance companies, greedy doctors...whoever and whatever they have to in order to cast the blame elsewhere other than on themselves and they will present themselves as the "saviors." The trick will be that in order to save the system they will contend that it must be destroyed and a new system put in its place. That new system will be not only a socialistic health care system (in which government controls the allocation of health care resources) but the entire economy.

    Looked a this way you can then see it playing out in front of our very eyes as each day goes by.

    Another thing that is becoming clearer and clearer with each passing day is that there are two modern-day prophets who have been warning us of what was to come. Glenn Beck wrote in 2010 warning us of exactly what Obama planned to do and how he would do it.

    Rush Limbaugh has been telling us on a daily basis what Obama is up to. His dominant theme is to explain liberals and how they think. But it all ties together when you study the mentors of Obama and his Team, analyze what we seeing actually happening against those teachings and what Obama actually said he was going to do.

    He has decimated the American military and built a "civilian army" he calls "Homeland Security" that is preparing every day to control the populace and he has crippled the American economy with debt while enslaving nearly half the population as dependents on government. Ninety million Americans have abandoned even trying to find a job and many millions more are working less than they want and need to be working. And now the health care system is in shambles and he says "I didn't know anything about it..." He has annihilated the Constitution and Bill of Rights and abandoned the Rule of Law.

    But of all the bad things we're seeing the absolute worst of it all is that Congress has proven itself to be absolutely and totally impotent to exercise the traditional Balance of Powers. And Obama not only ignores Congress he flaunts his power to do as he pleases. The changes he's made in ObamaCare since the law was passed are but one example.

    So where will all this lead? Study Germany in the 1920-30's. And there are other examples in history. Sadly, it will not end well for America.

    We would suggest that you personally, and your family, decide where you will draw the line and stand and fight, not for a political victory, but what you are willing to die for. It is just that serious. Be prepared. Decide in advance where you and your house will take a stand.

    Bless us and save us.
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