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    A number of years ago, our Legislature had a new idea: Let's follow many other states and keep NC Education strong by putting in a Lottery to raise money. It will solve the support needs of that which has been so valued in NC---Public Education.

    Preachers immediately started raising cane over the "evils of gambling." They were right to an extent, but soldiers gambled for the cloak of Jesus so it was there. At his death he never said anything directly against it. Besides, the idea came with a promise to offer a Hotline for addiction, should any citizen become hooked ---SURE!

    Many Legislators got Lobbied (bribed) to look kindly on this "great" move. Other states were supposedly succeeding without raising taxes due to rising education costs. It would be easy to put it in all the gas stations and convenience stores so citizens could step up and take a chance on the Mega Million Jackpot! Now, when the big jackpots come none of us can pay for gas for all the folks "feeling lucky," as they say. I even have one employee who has a book to make him a "sure winner" ---- SURE!

    Let's take a good look at this some years into the game --- and do a little analysis, shall we.

    First, what are the chances of winning? Less than taking that hard-earned money, burying it in your backyard, going back 6 months later, and trying to find it since you didn't flag the location! I took statistics in college and know how to read the smaller than small print on the back of each lottery ticket. The higher the stakes the less the Chance of winning!!!

    Second, what happens if you are the "lucky winner?" You collect your money either in lump sum or monthly payments --- LESS THE TAXES! It is considered taxable income and about half goes back to the wonderful and generous government which came up with this deal to "save taxes." Winners sure don't save taxes and those who buy the tickets get no tax breaks for doing so!!! So---HOW HAVE WE SAVED TAXES?

    Third, the whole purpose of this scheme, supposedly, was to fund schools and improve education --- RIGHT!!! I was in a meeting last night with 2 educators full time and 2 part time and, STRANGELY, they are suffering at the hands of mandated salary capping and the end of earning a bigger teacher income by getting a Masters. That is so strange after so many years. I thought this whole great plan was to make sure teachers get paid enough to have them want to teach in the "Great Education State," NC. The truth is our educated teachers are having to go to other surrounding states to find employment at a competitive rate to other professions.


    As a grandparent of 4 boys attending school ---last 7 years in Nash County, this year in Beaufort County --- I note my daughter having to go all over buying supplies for them to the tune of some $40-60 each. BUT I thought we were lessening the burden and providing all things through the NC Education Lottery! Teachers are telling me they cannot start the year without taking money from their pockets to buy other things essential to their teaching teacher can deduct things they purchased, but who knows when even that might be gone????

    Is it beginning to dawn on you that we got sold a "pig in a poke" in this wonderful lottery deal?" How do such "intelligent legislators" come up with such a farce and pretense it now so evidently is??? I bet they got their training from Washington Budget gurus! The same "brilliant" minds now tax the rich far less on the assumption they will invest in infrastructure /bigger plants / more workers. Nobody has told these rich jerks that they need to do their building inside the borders of the US. Also, they must not use offshore banks to store their excesses, thereby taking away assets of banks in the US who won't even loan money on dirt in developed sub-divisions all over Beaufort County.

    The LOVE of money is the root of all evil, the Bible says.

    These same "brilliant tax-spending minds" in Washington now have, not one, but two military aircraft boondoggles going at the same time: one is our all service" fighter whose half-million dollar pilot helmet won't work--much less other little "items" so the test flights are not yet done after some 10 development years. The second "little mistake" is a multi-million dollar transport now being mothballed before it gets used. The "try it before you buy it old-fashioned" form of military procurement is gone, it seems. Didn't Eisenhower warn of the military-industrial complex becoming a downfall to this country after our win in WWII???

    Who is forgetting what ----- like---- think before you act / if it's not spent.

    I am feeling the "corn-cob-up-my-keester" sensations over this NC Education Lottery boondoggle. The long and short of it is IT AIN'T WORKING. Our standards in education are being lowered rather than raised. Pretty soon industries ever needing more skilled and educated workers will be looking elsewhere. When my four grandsons graduate and want to find work paying a living wage, it would be so nice if it is in NC.

    Right now, I have my doubts.

    It is time to seek new leadership in Representatives who have a brain, want to serve and help their constituents, and are not open to a slick con job. I think that's called "enlightened leadership that cares about constituents and the future of NC."
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