Amateur Obama is Readying to Blow-up "Washington" | Beaufort County Now | With his apologist foreign policy in tatters, more Americans beheaded and slaughtered abroad, Amateur Obama will force his political hand in Washington, DC on Thursday night, November 20, 2014, by blaming the Republicans in the United States House as America's number one enemy.

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The week is shaping up into another rough ride for The Amateur, as he intends to thrust America into a Constitutional Crisis to win the low-information Latino(a) vote.

    With his apologist foreign policy in tatters, more Americans beheaded and slaughtered abroad, Amateur Obama will force his political hand in Washington, DC on Thursday night, November 20, 2014, by blaming the Republicans in the United States House as America's number one enemy, and his one stumbling block to immigration reform. It may well be a 'night that will live in infamy.'

    Hiding behind a disingenuous plaintiff cry for Republicans to try bipartisanship, The Amateur steamed full ahead onto that familiar sea of Democrat partisanship by forewarning everyone, who would listen, that he intends to forever change immigration policy by executive order. The same choppy waters, unsustainable in any well functioning republic, gave ballast to the unsteady ship of passionate Democrat partisanship, which has become the hallmark of a political party that has completely devolved into a cesspool of special interest hacks.

    These Political hacks, who represent the: faux science of the fascist Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption promoters; the Race Baiting/ Race Hustling promoters of ignorance and hate; the Abortion on Demand/free users of copious life-ending birth control consumers; and now those that exist in this nation illegally - to win their support for the future "Democratic" party by any means necessary.

    Now to be perfectly clear, in knowing the Democrat party so terribly well as I do, this is not your grandfather's "Democratic" (there's nothing Democratic about it) Democrat party. Today's Democrat party is controlled by their low-information base of the shiftless, the interminably needy, the oversexed, and the Liberal hacks that control the lot of them. Now America's first Affirmative Action president, Barack Hussein Obama, wants to do his part to fully bring the low-information Latino(a) into the new "Democratic" Democrat party, by using an executive order to grant partial legal status to a whopping 5 million undocumented illegal immigrants. This is known as amnesty for those that illegally cross our borders, and similar to the liberal practice of giving away Welfare benefits and a free education to all illegals, amnesty will provide incentive to lure more illegal immigrants, and one day hopefully, as per the Liberal political hacks, voting Democrat here in the land that you pay for, and your forefathers shed their blood to defend.

    Democrat Talking Points    (the only method by which today's Democrat can actually speak on any issue) - The new "Democratic" Democrat party only employs talking points to express their ideas, ideals and to herd their low-information voting base in whatever direction necessary .... MMMOOOOoooo. I suppose they use their "Think Tanks" (ironic?) to formulate the herding blather, which begins at this Democrat White House, then devolves to their talking surrogates, other liberal Democrat politicians, which then infects their overwhelming liberal media contingency that confuses them so. It is a cynical way to govern, but due to the Democrat's low-information electorate it works. Regardless, these are some of the Liberal's talking points, which have no basis in fact:

    •  "This executive action to pardon illegal immigrants has already been done by 11 former presidents, including 4 Republicans." This is untrue. At no time did an American president, Democrat or Republican give a mammoth 5 million illegals Amnesty by executive fiat, with no sweeping legislation in place.

    •  President Ronald Reagan, gave amnesty to illegals. This is mostly false, but there is a shred of truth in the fact that President Reagan did deal with illegal immigration issue, but did not act to any extent as Amateur Obama wishes to, which would have meant outright amnesty of illegals after a Democrat congress passed the convoluted IRCA amnesty law in 1986. What did occur, rather than deport minor children, whose parents did receive Amnesty as per a Democrat controlled congress legislated, the INS announced that, as a practical matter, it would look the other way under certain circumstances to not deport the minor children; however, no work permits, Social Security numbers, or driverís licenses were granted by executive action. What Amateur Obama wants to accomplish, unlike Reagan, is to act by executive order, with no legislation in place - be it Democrat or Republican

    •  The Republicans had their chance in congress to pass sweeping immigration reform for 6 years, but has done nothing. This is patently false, but this narrative really sells for two inflexible reasons to the growing low-information class that make-up the base of the new "Democratic" Democrat party: 1) Making legislation is messy and difficult for most people to understand, especially the low-information class, who make a life out of not knowing real information; 2) Overall approval ratings for congress, as a whole, are at an all time low, which gives low-information class an excuse for not knowing important stuff that congress is constitutionally charged to legislate.

    The real story, which is the honest truth (and lost on Liberals) who sponsor this Democrat narrative regarding congressional Republicans is: The Democrats held a super majority in both the house and the senate from 2008 to 2010, until the ObamaCare cram-down angered enough American citizens that the Liberals then lost the U.S. House, and this was before all the outright lies told directly by Amateur Obama, with the corroborated culpability proved by the multiple videos revealing ObamaCare co-architect Jonathan Gruber; the Republicans were swept into a majority in the U.S. House, after that ObamaCare debacle, in 2010, and again in 2012, and now again in 2014. The Democrats retained their majority in the U.S. Senate from 2008, and kept it through 2014 until they lost the majority in the 2014 elections; the U.S. Senate passed immigration reform about 18 months ago, but the U.S. House did not pass that same bill, and instead passed a separate series of measures that could have been incorporated into that senate bill through Reconciliation, should then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (A.K.A. Senator Pansy Voice) have allowed the senate to participate. He did not.

    These are just a few of the Democrat talking points, and these hollow words are speaking to fewer Democrats everyday. Currently, in recent polls, only 25% of Americans believe that the United State is on the right track, and only 38% of Americans support The Amateur's unilateral action. If Amateur Obama is sparking for a fight to boost his position in the current polls, I do believe he will fail.

    Newly elected U.S. Senate majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell - Ky., has promised Obama certain repercussions, as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution, should The Amateur neglect his sworn Constitutional obligation to faithfully obey and enforce the laws enacted by congress. Speaker Boehner has also promised the same, should the Democrats' president fail to obey his sworn Constitutional obligations.

    Amateur Obama may 'throw caution to the wind', trash the document that he is sworn to defend, to embolden and enhance the Democrats' future prospects with the low-information Latino(a) coalition, but he better be ready for a fight that the thinking class may be ready to battle to bitter end. You see, while the new "Democratic" Democrat party certainly has their problems, the Republican brand is terribly tarnished, and if congressional Republicans will not defend the United States Constitution against this lawless Amateur joke of a self-proclaimed "constitutional lawyer", then they have no right to continue to exist as a party. The stakes are high all around. The Democrat's president should best choose well his path, since "poisoning the well" appears to wrongly be his first approach in dealing with Republicans, who have people's mandate, and the Constitutional right to enforce that mandate.

ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber considers that 'Americans are stupid' and it is acceptable to lie to Americans if the end justifies the means; however, what is the main issue here?
35.63%   Jonathan Gruber represents the chronic cynicism of elitist Liberals.
62.07%   Jonathan Gruber represents the culture of dishonest corruption that is the core of ObamaCare.
2.3%   Jonathan Gruber understands the necessity of ObamaCare, and that the end justifies the means.
174 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( November 24th, 2014 @ 9:12 am )
Not to be intentionally redundant, but I believe the Founders' firmest and continual intent is well expressed in the United State Constitution, created September 17, 1787.
( November 24th, 2014 @ 9:04 am )
While I appreciate all the previous article, they are most philosophical with the intent of rousing people to Conservatism.

My question encourages you (or any other contributor) to think about the DREAM of the Founding Fathers. Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful and use our mental "time machine" to travel back to 1776 when documents were penned to put it into words. We had to fight a vicious war of Revolution to bring this nation into being.

Most interestingly, many of those battles were fought "down South." Every time I travel I-85 before it reaches Charlotte is Kings Mountain / Cowpens / other places where blood was shed for freedom!

What did the founders think about FREEDOM?
What were the Whigs / Tories / Patriots / Colonialists / etc."
What about the Halifax Accords that preceded the Declaration of Independence?
NC was, perhaps, the real locus of Independence even though the document was signed in Philadelphia. Discussions took place in Boston, but NC was a big battlefield.
Frances Marion, The Swamp-fox, is passed over as I travel down I-95 near Florence and cross over the swamps before getting there.
What were those men of the south fighting for?

Just a few points of thought any writer might consider. Our Southern Heritage should help us be more accurate than most in thinking about the struggle to found an "Experiment in Democracy."

You touch the subject with the declaration that Beaufort County is a Republic rather than a Democracy --- explain the difference to readers, if you please.
( November 23rd, 2014 @ 8:29 pm )
The intentions of the Founding Fathers goes well beyond what time now I have to donate to explaining what was in the hearts of our finest patriots, but I do know this: Liberal Democrats desecrating the Constitution is bad place for you people to exist.

I can, however, provide a link to posts on BCN regarding the Founding Fathers: ...

Ad one more thing, our county is not a democracy, it is a republic.
( November 23rd, 2014 @ 6:59 pm )
You have done well with your criticism about "Liberals." You say virtually NOTHING about the real DREAM OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS.

If you can kindly share such with all of us, I think we might have something to talk about and discuss. Just remember: This is still a mighty experiment in democracy and freedom many projected to be a failure.

I am of the opinion we are in a constant cycle between too much freedom and too much conformity. The great dilemma is HOW CAN YOU PUT TOGETHER PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER AND OF EVERY SOCIAL CLASS AND STILL BE ABLE TO HAVE "E PLURIBUS UNIUM"???

I, for one, welcome you ideas on this
( November 23rd, 2014 @ 3:38 pm )
Just don't let your 'school of hard knocks' education cloud your judgement.

These are serious issues, and one is not similar to the other over multiple generations. American society is in a state of flux, and when you stray far from the Constitution, and use Democrat talking points like, 'they've all done it', to minimize the seriousness, you miss the point that we are losing our Constitution, and when we lose that document, we lose the Republic. It's that simple.

I am standing strong here that Obama, and all like minded Democrats, will not destroy my country, so they can win more votes from those that will not live by our laws.

I'm not alone here, and there is a battle at hand.
( November 23rd, 2014 @ 1:15 pm )
SORRY ~~~ my "talking points" on what I said are ONLY from my School of Hard Knocks experience of house loss / high taxes / little money with folks in the same boat to pay for my Tree Surgery skills --- outside a hurricane of tornado!

Chill, good buddy---enjoy the debate without trying to encapsulate me in ANY foolishness of PR~~~from any political camp. I prefer to camp under the stars and let them inspire me for TRUTH TELLING.
( November 23rd, 2014 @ 1:06 pm )
I only use the word hate in rare circumstances.

You are "From the Middle" when you wish to be from the middle. When you use Democrat talking points, you are not from the middle.
( November 23rd, 2014 @ 12:58 pm )
Stan--- you are now admitting to why you have problems NOT hating anyone you designate as "liberal."

By your own designation, you titled me "from the middle" --- then you want to position me to the left for the sources I cite. I also do BBC News to see how others in the world view us. It's seldom exactly the same as our media news.

With me it's always DON'T THINK AS I THINK ~~~ BUT THINK!
( November 23rd, 2014 @ 10:19 am )
So, Gene, you only watch the channels that filter the news for Democrat consumption. The ones that will only publish true accounts of big stories after FOX News, or even Matt Drudge, so many more journalists break these stories that will form the backbone of today's history.

FOX News isn't perfect, but it is by far the best available because they are the only major TV news outlet with journalistic integrity. That is why FOX is hiring so many of the their best away from the former better news outlets.

You, liberals, keep making fun of of "Faux" News, and we, much smarter/wiser Conservatives, will continue making fun of you. You guys are some easy targets.

I remember being in Myrtle Beach on September 12, 2012, with others watching CNN, the morning after Benghazi. This was before The Amateur had formulated the lie about the 'despicable video'. That morning on CNN, two 'talking head' bimbos went back and forth for at least 30 minutes about how unfortunate it was that Mitt Romney made terrible remarks exposing The Amateur's Middle East policy for what it was, and how Mitt could have been partly responsible for the unruly crowd that took these lives.

If CNN employs bimbos to tell me the events of the day, I don't watch CNN ... ever. I can't learn from stupid people. You know, these insufficient people would not have jobs if there were not so many Liberals.
( November 23rd, 2014 @ 8:32 am )
I get my news from many sources: Print / Internet / CNN / major networks / PBS ~~~ THEN I make up my own mind and note the bestiality of Fox News and the new Blaze Network where Conservative commentators, like cow manure, are in one big pile that stinks when the wind blows my way!

Years ago I lived in Hartsville, SC. Depending on the wind direction I got a choice of 3 odors: Soybean Oil Mill (smelled like cooking ham) / SONOCO paper products (smelled like sulfur) / a chicken hatchery (smelled like FAUX). Some days were delightful and others not so nice!
( November 22nd, 2014 @ 10:51 pm )
You Liberals really do love your talking points. And you do so hate "Faux" News.

Where do Liberals get their news anyway? I'd love to know.

There has to be a reason why Liberals don't know real stuff about America, the Constitution, and why they can not discern obvious differences of real information, from that which is spun to enhance their leaders, who aren't so good at knowing real stuff themselves.

It really is a vicious cycles that liberals find themselves in.
( November 22nd, 2014 @ 2:25 pm )
I know a "little bit" about comparisons between then and now.

I also know that what the Obama speech did was essentially what George H.W. Bush and his son BOTH addressed in an almost identical fashion.

"Why does the heathen rage?" is a good old Conservative question! Can you answer why such as Boehner and others like old John McCain carry on since his address to the nation. Add the Conservative commentators of FAUX News who try to make a mole hill into a mountain of Impeachment---that will never be without shooting themselves in the foot --- or about 2 joints up and half way around!
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