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    If we all have the same rights as human beings, is it really free or is there a price that must be paid by someone? Does my right have a claim on your possessions? The core principal of this our Declaration of Independence was detailed in the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States, which generally placed limitations and restrictions on the government and but not the people.

    Context: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

    If we expand, the definition of "Creator" to include some force greater than ourselves that we have no control over, then it would follow that our rights could conceivably be granted by an all-powerful government. It would also follow that those rights could be expanded or withdrawn by that same government without our approval or acquiescence. Different governments could grant or disallow different rights.

    Just for fun, I took the same preamble and used the Microsoft Word Thesaurus to replace some of the key words to form a modern equivalent to that 1776 context. By doing this, I am aware that I am deviating from what the late Antonin Scalia's (Supreme Court Justice) entire judicial philosophy was based on. His belief was in the Original Intent of the Constitution but others say that words can have different meanings depending on the times, right. (Click here for an deeper explanation of that interpretation

   Here is a list of the old and modern words:

  • Truths = Facts
  • Self-evident = Obvious
  • Created = Produced
  • Equal = Alike
  • Endowed = Gifted
  • Creator = Inventor
  • Unalienable = Undeniable
  • Rights = Privileges
  • Life = Existence
  • Liberty =Independence
  • Pursuit = Search
  • Happiness = Contentment

    Preamble revised and expanded to modern words:

    We hold these Facts to be obvious, that all men are produced alike, that they are gifted by their inventor with certain Undeniable Privileges, that among these are Existence, Independence and the search of Contentment.

    If our rights are really a free gift from our Creator then there is no price to be paid for them. It was created and given to us by right of birth. If our rights are really a gift from our Government, then there is a price to be paid since governments are an invention of man and create nothing that they must first take from others. Our government was created not to PRODUCE our rights but to PROTECT them. The price we pay is not to secure our rights, but to keep them. While they may be God given, the are not guaranteed without vigilance and occasionally military action to PROTECT them.

    I am of the current belief that we are confusing RIGHTS with PRIVILEGES / IDEALS. The first is immutable fact while the second is an ideal. Bernie Sanders recently said this:

    Bernie Sanders "I believe that healthcare is a right of all people". 44 seconds into this video.
    Bret Baier "Where does that right come from?,
    Bernie Sanders "Being a Human Being".

    If we follow his human rights to a logical conclusion, then every person alive on earth has the right to healthcare. Insert Applause here. It naturally follows then that we must take something from others before we can give it to someone else. Naturally, that would require some priority be given to whom we take it from and whom we give it to. Bernie suggests we should take it from the very rich and it would naturally follow that we should give it to the very poorest first.

    Since the majority of the very poor inhabitants of the planet earth live outside the United States, they would be the first to receive this Human Right. If we follow the Bern's concern for the poor, then we must take from the RED countries and give to the other COLOR countries in the map below. Once we all get to enjoy these new human rights, our map will be Magenta, and then would have reached NIRVANA regardless of the form of government of any country.

    Source of the above map

    "But wait, America IS the 1%: You need just $34,000 annual income to be in the global elite... and HALF the world's richest people live in the U.S".     I think Bernie would thank you for your contribution to this effort

    Here is Bern's world map which I have named BERNIE-LAND after we have equalized everyone's rights to healthcare. I would suggest that you learn a second language or two if you want to follow Bernie's passion. Perhaps, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, any one of the 3,000 languages spoken natively in Africa or Chinese would be a good choice. The dialects can be added as needed. Don't worry about voting though, the government will take care of that.

   Here is a simple test to see if you truly believe that most rights are derived simply from being a human being.

HOW MUCH OF YOUR MONEY AND TIME DID YOU DONATE LAST YEAR TO THE POOR? There is no need to look at your tax return for this, the government already knows how much that is. They are looking for what you have left that you should have donated to provide healthcare for every human being.

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( April 8th, 2016 @ 8:10 am )
Jeffrey R. Immelt is chairman and chief executive of GE. Here us his op-ed from the Washington Post regarding Bernie Sanders comments on General Electric. I am glad to see someone from the business sector finally wake up and push back.

( March 12th, 2016 @ 3:58 pm )
Great comment B.T.

Make it into a post so more people will see it for a long, long time.
( March 12th, 2016 @ 7:21 am )
My current home is about 45 miles up I85 northeast of Atlanta and I guess would be considered as a growth area. Two exits up I 85 to the north from mine is still rural Jackson County with population density was 178.1 inhabitants per square mile and two exits down I85 South is the Mall of Georgia with congestion and Gwinnett County with a population density of 1,871.2 inhabitants per square mile

The political mix is about 80% Republican based on the 2012 election results. I also have a condo in Decatur, Ga which is the melting pot of Liberalism and is about 80% Democratic based on the 2012 election.

My circle of acquaintances is not too political active without any big axes to grind but mostly lean toward conservative. I think it is fair to say that many do not like Obama based on a mix of policies and some simmering bigotry. Decatur on the other hand is just the opposite with most loving the President's policies and accusing everyone who does not as bigots. The difference being that my conservative friends usually believe in the "live and let live philosophy" while my liberal friends believe that you are brain damaged and dangerous if you don't subscribe to their "circle of tolerance" for all things liberal.

Given our history of oppression of blacks and gays, I think the pendulum has swung to the far left in today's political climate. It just proves human nature is content with their prejudices as long as they have an adequate support group. Our College campuses and enclave neighborhoods are divided into groups of like minded people. It seems we have never learned to just tolerate others opinions. If you use the definition of bigot as a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions, both sides are about equal in their disdain for opposing views.

Similar to the segregation and Jim Crow laws of the 1950s, now the progressives (i.e. Liberal =same) want to use the same power of government to force their opinion and laws on others. Human Nature has not changed a bit since the beginning of time.

I fault the breakdown of the family unit for most of this lack of respect for others but I freely admit that our higher learning institutions are populated and controlled by far left leaning professors who are more interested in indoctrination than education.

Interestingly enough these Universities exist under the protection of non-profit entities, which abuse the students with higher, and higher tuition while amassing large grants and endowments that are used for everything but education. The entire student loan program is a rip-off to transfer money from the students to the universities and then blame the working society for the problems of overburdened debt.

Sorry, I need to get back to my minimalist primer before I continue with this comment.
( March 12th, 2016 @ 4:19 am )
I have two daughters, who are big Bernie supporters, and both have no real understanding of our founding documents after years of having me as a father, and both are poor at math, which also I had nothing to do with. Both have degrees in art from the prestigious East Carolina University School of Art, which does not explain their ineptitude in math, because I too have a background in art and design, and I understand math far better than most.

The only thing that I know explains all this is the our poor education system in North Carolina - top to bottom - for even now, I have a hard time breaking through the indoctrination shell to expose them to real higher learning, far beyond that which East Carolina University can offer on many important subjects.

I say that it must be our poor North Carolina education system, because my children are not alone in having a poor grasp of what is real, and what is real knowledge. What do I mean by saying that both of my graduated daughters are not alone: Most people around here that I meet think inside 'the box', and that box is getting smaller every day. Someone should tell them; show them.

This is the world I live in here in eastern North Carolina. Tell me Bobby Tony: What is it like in northeast Georgia?
( March 11th, 2016 @ 10:38 pm )
Great post B.T.

You put much thought into this one. I am looking forward to digging into this one when I have the wakeful accuity tomorrow.

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