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    If I ever say to you that I have Blogged about darn near anything and darn near everything, it may not be Foolishness.

    Here is a good example from an advertisement that is all over TV & Radio...

    "If your credit card debt is out of control, if you're over your head in monthly payments, there's a secret the credit card companies don't want you to know: If you have more than $5,000 in credit card debt, you have the right to settle that debt for a fraction of what you owe. That's bad news for the credit card companies, but it's great news for you."

    If you are as word conscious as I am, you caught the key phrase in this pitch... "you have the right to settle". The Fella has this to say about that... "Huh? You have a right? You can buy whatever you want on your credit card and never have to be bothered with paying it back? Huh, again."

    Here is my blog from December 2008...
    You Have Got To Keep Spending Your Money

    If you reach your objective, there will be a big payoff waiting for you.

    Have any of you heard those commercials on the radio that features the Grabber Line which goes something like this, "Did you know that, if you owe more than $10,000 in credit card debt, you are entitled to settle for substantially less than you owe?"

    What a great country!

    Can't you just see a future episode of Judge What's His Name on TV ...

    Plaintiff ... Your honor, I am entitled to a divorce. I specifically gave my wife instructions that she was to spend all her time shopping until she got our credit card over $10,000. I was patient with her. I gave her time to accomplish her objective. Our whole family was depending on the Over $10,000 Credit Card Entitlement Discount to be able to afford to go to Hawaii this year. The kids are really disappointed. She has been unable to get our debt much over $8,500. This has put a severe mental strain on our entire family.

    Defendant ... (In tears) I am so so so sorry. I know how much this failure on my part is destroying the very fabric of our family. I tried my best but the stores kept having One Day Sales.

    Judge What's His Name ... I have seen this sad scene all too many times. It's mothers like you who give Mothering a bad name. I am only too eager to grant this divorce. I hope that your husband's next wife will take her spending responsibilities more seriously and will do a better job than you did. Your children deserve lots of stuff. Divorce granted! Case dismissed!

    Would I kid u?

    If you have not had enough of me for today, here is a similar past blog posting...

    Here is my blog from September 2013...
    Wanna Meet A Fool? Meet Me.

    I keep saying I am Smart. Now I say I am dumb. Why the change? Allow me to demonstrate how smart I am by proving how dumb I am.

    Our radio waves are full of advertisements from companies claiming to be capable of standing between you and the Internal Revenue Service and deflecting the IRS's attacks on you and beating the Evil IRS into submission.

    These services never mention a fee but there must be a fee but I am sure it is not much ... Or am I? ... because they sound so sincerely concerned about the beleaguered Tax Payer's well being and happiness.

    Here are a few of the claims made by these wonderful organizations...

    • Client's Total Liability to IRS: $6,878,404

    Settlement: $0

    Savings: $6,878,404 (100%)

    • Client's Total Liability to IRS: $27,900

    Settlement: $1,200

    Savings: $26,700 (96%)

    • Clients Total Liability to IRS: $212,555

    Settlement: $2,400

    Savings: $210,155 (99%)

    • Clients Total Liability to IRS: $94,000

    Settlement: $2,046

    Savings: $91,954 (98%)

    • Clients Total Liability to IRS: $304,231

    Settlement: $73.00

    Savings: $304,158 (99%)

    • Client's Total Liability to IRS: $87,000

    Settlement: $1,500

    Savings: $85,500 (98%)

    • Client's Total Liability to IRS: $500,000

    Settlement: $10,000

    Savings: $490,000 (98%)

    Do you get my drift in my Subject Line Question above? I am obviously dumb because I have always paid my taxes. The question for you, my dear reader, is... Are You As Dumb As The Smartfella?

    Would I kid u?
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