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Christmas with Alabama, Merle Haggard and Bob Hope

    It is not an odd grouping at all; One about home, one about hope and one about peace, that about covers it for me.

   My contribution to the Christmas song series covers three very distinct variations of the celebration of Christ's birth. The first two songs are secular and remind us about the festivities that are celebrated this time of year. It is a time to reflect on home, family and future prospects.

   The last song is pure simple hope for better world, even in times of crisis.

    Alabama reminds us about Christmas in Dixie, this could be the last year it is allowed to be played.

    But not every family is looking forward to Christmas in a bad economy. Some dad's know it is going to be a rough season but there is hope none the less. Merle Haggard reminds us of how bad a December can be and how he has plans to make it better. Where there is love there is hope.

    And finally,there is the memory of the only Christmas I was away from my family. I was privileged to see the Bob Hope USO show in Chu Chi, Vietnam in 1968. He ended this show as he did all his Christmas shows with a singing of "Silent Night". It was never one of my favorite Christmas songs but that hot afternoon, it became a favorite.

    Silent Night in Vietnam


    Publisher's note: If you are really in the Christmas spirit, or just in the need for more, please click here to access all of the holiday spirit in melody and narrative that BCN can harness and offer for this Yuletide Season.


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